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MS Flight details released

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hey, if these guys want to compete with the likes of Modern warfare 3, battlefield 3, Skyrim, mass effect 3, and a million others with more action in the first mission than flight will have in the entire "game", let em.. they'll fail miserably.. Considering that the "Game of the year" Skyrim, is already waning after just a couple of months, Flight will fold in a few weeks..We on the other hand, have our "simulator" that we have poured years of experience, fun, toil and tears into. Not only that, but Prepar3d promises to be a compatible next logical step upwards for us.. To hell with microsoft.. We dont need them.. Pam
All those games you mentioned made hundreds of millions in sales in the first week. It doesn't matters if sales are low now. They already made a killing.What I've heard and read, this is a game not a flight simulator. That's why they dropped the word simulator from the name.The simulation market is up for grabs who will take it?

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