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After the gold rush

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I suppose i should update this blog.. Really there isnt a lot i can say in here that isnt said in the P-61 thread.. They tell me that spring is gonna be late this year. Up here in oregon where spring doesnt come until june. that isnt a good thing, especially when you aint so young any more and you got a body that likes to complain about every little change in weather.. Well, whatever.. Nothing i can do about the weather.

I'm hoping to retire this year. I mean really retire. Watch some TV, build that meditation garden on my back patio, maybe go have a coffee and ice cream with the other old farts downtown.. I'd like to just fly and enjoy this hobby; Not be one of the driving forces behind it ( even if its just a tiny little force ). But I have to admit, the quality of the aircraft available has come a very long way since 2004. But i also have to admit my own duality over the whole idea.. I love the people in this community. The each keep me alive by their very words, and make me laugh and sometimes cry, and sometimes they just plain piss me off, but thats what being alive is all about.. If i were too retire, I'd miss way too many people and moments..
Time will tell..
Keep watching the P-61 thread in FSX discussions to keep up with the latest on that. Now that the initial gold rush is over, we dont post as often, but what we do post is some pretty big stuff, even if it doesnt seem like it.. There's no way i can verbalie what i do to the flight model that would have any meaning at all untill you actually fly the plane, but Robert has been doing some wonderful work. Highly detailed, and yet, somehow he's getting past the framerate monster with it all, and the result is slowly becoming an incredibly good looking and complete aircraft, thats very easy on the framerates. heh. It surprises me too. But thats what i get for working with one of the very best.. He's very much worth watching, and a hell of a nice guy to boot...

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  1. CrisGer's Avatar
    thanks for sharing Pam and thanks so much for all you do, i just started becoming aware of your activities with the work on the PT boat, but am sure glad you and people like you come here with us, it makes the diverse community the lively and remarkable place that it is. thanks and keep up whatever your fancy leads you to do for and with us. Cheers and thanks and be thankful you ARE in Oregon, i am in Colorado and i just saw the ground for the first time since last november..(due to snow).....but it is still colder outside than in my freezer

    love your Avatar? are you an anime follower? i am .