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Need help installing MAW.

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Quote Originally Posted by GearyMcS View Post
Quote Originally Posted by hunter View Post
Share the solution , please.
I think this is what I did.

If anyone finds any problems with the written instructions, please post here.

If this works for anyone else, please post here.


1. You must have CFS3 installed in it's default location at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3. Make sure it is updated with the CFS3 Updates v3.1 and v3.1a.

2. Make a copy of the default Combat Flight Simulator 3 folder, name it CFS3 Mediterranean Air War and MOVE it to where you want to install MAW.

3. Install the first part, 'MAWsetup_v1.3.exe' of the MAW installer to it's default location at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\CFS3 Mediterranean Air War.

4. When part 1 of the installer finishes, MOVE the newly created CFS3 Mediterranean Air War folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\CFS3 Mediterranean Air War to where you put your copy of CFS3 Mediterranean Air War. OVERWRITE when asked.

5. Install part 2 of the Installer, 'dr_cfs3maw_c1_v1.3.exe' to your NEW Mediterranean Air War folder, wherever you put it.

6. When part 2 finishes, it should start the MAW Config utility. Let it complete.

7. If you have the Unmentionable CFS3.exe file, copy it to your NEW MAW folder. Overwrite the old file.

8. Change the compatibility mode of the CFS3.exe, Normal.exe and Campaign.exe files in your new MAW folder as explained in the SoH CFS3 forum thread 'Running CFS3 in Windows 10: solved for now.'

9. You might have to re-adjust compatibility modes for your .exe files to get MAW to work on your computer.

Good luck,

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