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Help with local airports

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I'm new to X-Plane 11 on Steam, and I'd appreciate your help.

In FSX, all I had to do to get local airports and scenery looking real was to install UTX or ORBX, as well as a few (mostly freeware) airport packages.

I'm doing a lot of reading and Youtube watching, but I'm still confused.

Two concrete examples of local airports:

CYHU St-Hubert is there, but it's just a runway and apron - there's not even a tower.

CSB3 St-Mathieu de Beloeil is missing completely.

Both of these airports are well documented in Open StreetMaps.

I have installed HD Mesh V3, so the roads around my local area look OK, but the landclass has farmland where there should be towns.

But for now, I'd just like to get the airports looking better.

I know there are lots of X-Plane resources available. But what would be my best place to start in order to get my local airports looking real?

Thank you for any suggestions.
Let's see if this helps:

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