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Great news!!!!

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Have great news,thanks to you guys, everything works as smooth as butter with the CFS3/Firepower version ! Just did this on my Win7 32 bit laptop as a test bed . When all the funds are saved for a high end, self-built ,gaming computer,(hopefully build it by mid to late summer),then i'll purchase all the components at the same time,(to be current with the latest technology and pricing ). Once built it will be able to handle any of the new combat flight simulators out there, at max settings , lightning fast fpm and it will handle anything else that will come out in the future with no problems. Now that i know i can still have CFS3,(with all the different versions,aircraft and countless mods),and enjoy all the new scenery and effects ,with a Win7 OS, this new rig will get the most out of CFS3 that can be had now and in the foreseeable future that makes me very happy.The new sims. available now cover a wide variety periods from WWI to the latest jet fighters and just about every period in between.Oh no!!! I'm hooked again!! Not as many cfs's available as there were years ago but at least they're well thought out, run good, seriously updated/much improved,immersive and extremely realistic. So happy and proud that you guys were patient with me and were so very helpful .I guess just got intimidated by Win7. Now,thanks to all the help, i now have more confidence in myself with Win.7. Almost all the latest cfs's require a Win.7 64 bit OS ,along with good/current PC components ,so Win.7 64 bit will be my new rig's O.S.for sure. Special Note: The best website i've found ,after much researching on web ,about building your own custom PC is this link. : http:/ Hope this site helps anyone looking at buying a expensive factory built gaming computer. They can learn from this site that they can save a ton of money ,have better components and increase their PC knowledge by building it theirselves. It's not that difficult,(even tweaks,Bios,O.S.versions ect... are covered),with all the tutorials given at this site it really has helped me a lot.All of the components are researched and matched for each gaming computer,(builds are updated monthly to be current). Every type of build is covered ,from a budget build to a extreme build and more inbetween.(mine will be the high-end build).Still keeping my ole' upgraded Dell XP computer ,though, because it has a ton of different installs of CFS3,Il-2,Lockon,Strike Fighters 1 and more..... All run really good and smooth on my XP computer.(XP has a limit of just 4 gigs of ram. That is whole lot less when compared to what you can use with a Win.7 OS). With all the different improvements/addons done for CFS3 lately, by some really special people ie; developers/designers of aircraft,missions ,scenery, theaters of operation, all the numerous mods done and all the hard work these special people put into CFS3, for our enjoyment, have given new life and a future for CFS3.(lets not forget that) SOH always had and still have some of the best, helpful and polite people in the whole flight sim community.With the decline of cfs interest and sales world wide,thanks to F.P.S.gaming popularity , there are still a good number of hard core people still into the cfs scene and i'm thankful for it. I have noticed lately,though, since i've become more active in CFS3 again,(away due to health problems), and visit more often to learn what's current, i would check the number of members shown in the CFS3 forum ,it is very low and guests not much better, and the total number is fewer than i've ever seen since the very beginning of the SOH site. I've noticed,after researching, that in other cfs forums their members make fun of CFS3 and call it junk and trash it if you comment about anything related to CFS3 in their forums(they are all ignorant/arrogant of the improvements made for CFS3 lately). A bunch of snobs is what i experienced!! They hurt the overall interest in anything doing with CFS3, it's overall reputation and us here at SOH . In all my researching of other cfs game sites and forums i found that all the members and posts are shockingly low also. Maybe with all the improvements done for CFS3 and all the other, really well done, cfs's recently released and new interesting/improved ones coming out soon in the near future ,will spark new interest and members. Can't wait to finish my new PC build and start flying and enjoying my favorite hobby at a higher level.For now my XP rig is still fun with all the sims i have on it. The latest stuff done for CFS3 and all the other new cfs's will run on the new rig. SOH, has always been and still is, the best website/forum of it's kind on the web because of helpful members like you guys and others here too. Thanks again Guys WOW!! This is my longest post anywhere yet!!! Had a lot of ground to cover . (people just come and go here and say not a word or help so i'm making up for it) . Sorry about the book i wrote here!! just board and alone.You could call this a blog!!

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