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  1. I thought of you today as the repairman was taking out my DLP Samsung 63 inch for a "...shadow..." repair to the "...light tunnel....". Good thing i got the extended warranty!
  2. Hey tuff i been workin on some business deals. Spend most of my time writin crapola for who ever may be interested lol
  3. Where have you been hiding?
  4. Just wanted to say hi.. and glad to here you have been having fun!!......give me a call if you still want help setting up a ""
    Since site caught the bug haven't been on line much.
  5. Great to actually fly in a game again.........wasn't it? I know we will be flying together again real soon.
    "...BLUE SKIES..."
  6. I must be a dolt I don't see a "post CF3 online games here section" Tuff
  7. welcome to SOH, screenman. check "post cfs3 on line games here.." it will list the IP and just open multiplayer , click on "JOIN PRIVATE GAME".....then enter the IP#. No need to sign in to the old game match server , etc. there is a game on right nowl!

    "..BLUE SKIES.."
  8. hey tuff do you know how i get into a game of CFS3
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