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  1. Hi 03. Thanks for Comments, some more gone up, Check out the Pooch !!! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! De Havillands rule OK.
  2. nice pictures on the seahawk project
  3. love the pictures bill. Reminds me when we were stationed overseas too. Ill have to post some pics
  4. ~s~ bill............quack quack. Always enjoy flying with ya!!!...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. ~S~ Bill- Great album!!! Good flying Bill in the games. Glad to have a good competitor like you. Love the Dog with the Goggles.
  6. Hi BS 03,
    Bout time I caught up with everyones profiles, Good gaming M8 and it's a privilege to be shot down by you, ( again, and agin -and agin---LOL ) Good to see the happy family,enjoying life.
    RAF WINCO41-------Bill T.
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