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  • About Combat Flight Center

    Sim Outhouse is a website that supports Flight Simulator 2002, Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, Combat Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator 2, Combat Flight Simulator 3. We designed the site to be interactive where the members add information to help benefit the Flight Simulation Community. This site was designed using PHP and a MySQL database to make data entry by members with a web browser possible.

    * Air-America - 'Warbirds Library' open on Geocities in 1995
    * CombatFS 'CFC' opened on November 5, 1998 Including the Warbird's Library
    * Sim-Outhouse opened on September 6, 2001 expanding into Flight Simulator Support
    * Sim-Outhouse is funded by donations only!
    * Registration to this Web Site is free
    * Site best viewed at 1024x768 or above at high resolution


    - Site is located on 1 dedicated Linux Quad Processor Server & 1 Windows Server Site
    - MySQL Database with advanced PHP engine
    - Low overhead makes pages fast loading
    - 2 FTPs with thousands of FS & CFS Add-Ons
    - Forums with Blogs, image uploading, file uploading, Profile Pictures, Avatars and Attachments

    Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right!

    • Who are we? we are 'COMBAT FLIGHT CENTER' in support of Microsoft's Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator (all additions).
    • Why are we here? To serve the community.
    • Who owns SOH? Well, you the member. You as a member make voluntary donations to pay the bills.
    • Who's in charge? No single person, but all the Senior Administrators.
    • Who are the Senior Administrators? All are former volunteer moderators/administrators mixed with a few Founding Fathers.
    • Who are the Founding Fathers? Canelo, Ickie, Tekworm, Douglas, Moparmike, Willy and Henry.

    Note: most of the Founding Fathers are now Retired Senior Administrators.

  • New Threads


    The b-24guy Fw190A-4 problem.

    Thread Starter: Maxstuka

    I try with the dxwrapper but it doesn't work.

    is it a cfs2 defect?, or is the plane badly reworked?.

    Last Post By: Maxstuka Yesterday, 15:08 Go to last post

    Taming the Virtavia Westland Merlin

    Thread Starter: Sbob

    This one is pretty simple. The damping ratios for the gear were set much too high, I think they were concentrating a lot more on FSX at the time.

    Last Post By: Sbob Yesterday, 01:50 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: stoney

    Anyone know where I can find it.

    Last Post By: stoney Yesterday, 11:25 Go to last post

    uppload trouble

    Thread Starter: Deathwind

    I tried to upload a new flak.wav but it said offsite downloads have been disabled. What is that? All downloads come from offsite the website doesn't make

    Last Post By: Deathwind Yesterday, 22:43 Go to last post
    Cees Donker

    Bouncing on landing

    Thread Starter: Cees Donker

    I got a plane that bounces too much on landing, even when I put her down ever so gently. Can this be cured /adapted in the cfg file or is it in the air

    Last Post By: Sbob Yesterday, 19:47 Go to last post

    Black scenery areas

    Thread Starter: stoney

    I have all the best (UT) scenery but I am having just a few spots that appear black. Not a big deal to me, but I was wondering if any one else has this

    Last Post By: kdriver Today, 00:28 Go to last post

    Seven Minutes Over the Solent

    Thread Starter: gecko

    It's been awful quiet lately, and there hasn't even been a Battle of Britain post yet to mark the anniversary. So before it's too late, here's a quick

    Last Post By: FireStorm II Yesterday, 13:42 Go to last post

    Thread Starter: Duckie

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military skins - WWII

    Description: FSX repaint of the GAS N3N-3. It

    Last Post By: Duckie September 28th, 2022, 07:19 Go to last post

    Rotak CH-47 Chinook Repaint Pack Nemeth/Milviz

    Thread Starter: Rukato07

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category P3D / P4D Add-Ons - Helicopter repaints

    Description: Repaint pack for Rotak

    Last Post By: Rukato07 September 28th, 2022, 07:19 Go to last post

    .MOS Editor

    Thread Starter: Daiwilletti

    Yay! I finally dedicated the time to make a mos file for an aircraft. I used the Mos Editor from the Terrain SDK, because apparently it is better than

    Last Post By: Daiwilletti Yesterday, 11:12 Go to last post

    Taming the Virtavia Blackhawk and Pavehawk.

    Thread Starter: Sbob

    While its still a payware title and listed as "for FS9", the Blackhawk takes off and flies well.
    Landing the son-of-a-gun, however, always

    Last Post By: AndyG43 September 28th, 2022, 02:31 Go to last post