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    Sim Outhouse is a website that supports Flight Simulator 2002, Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, Combat Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator 2, Combat Flight Simulator 3. We designed the site to be interactive where the members add information to help benefit the Flight Simulation Community. This site was designed using PHP and a MySQL database to make data entry by members with a web browser possible.

    * Air-America - 'Warbirds Library' open on Geocities in 1995
    * CombatFS 'CFC' opened on November 5, 1998 Including the Warbird's Library
    * Sim-Outhouse opened on September 6, 2001 expanding into Flight Simulator Support
    * Sim-Outhouse is funded by donations only!
    * Registration to this Web Site is free
    * Site best viewed at 1024x768 or above at high resolution


    - Site is located on 1 dedicated Linux Quad Processor Server & 1 Windows Server Site
    - MySQL Database with advanced PHP engine
    - Low overhead makes pages fast loading
    - 2 FTPs with thousands of FS & CFS Add-Ons
    - Forums with Blogs, image uploading, file uploading, Profile Pictures, Avatars and Attachments

    Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right!

    • Who are we? we are 'COMBAT FLIGHT CENTER' in support of Microsoft's Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator (all additions).
    • Why are we here? To serve the community.
    • Who owns SOH? Well, you the member. You as a member make voluntary donations to pay the bills.
    • Who's in charge? No single person, but all the Senior Administrators.
    • Who are the Senior Administrators? All are former volunteer moderators/administrators mixed with a few Founding Fathers.
    • Who are the Founding Fathers? Canelo, Ickie, Tekworm, Douglas, Moparmike, Willy and Henry.

    Note: most of the Founding Fathers are now Retired Senior Administrators.

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    Impressed with 2.5

    Thread Starter: JohnC

    I've been playing DCS off an on all the way back to the original Lock-on, and their team has really started to put the pieces together with version 2.5.

    Last Post By: JohnC Today, 17:47 Go to last post

    An "Oldie" Revisited

    Thread Starter: falcon409

    This might have been one of the first scenery projects I did using satellite imagery for the ground texture. It was a request from someone who was familiar

    Last Post By: Switchblade408 Today, 21:05 Go to last post
    The B24 Guy

    Info for Ravenna

    Thread Starter: The B24 Guy

    She Has a Bomb Bay.


    Last Post By: Ravenna Today, 20:08 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: rgatkinson

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Civilian propeller skins

    Description: Repaint of the awesome AFG

    Last Post By: Sascha66 Today, 16:29 Go to last post

    Pilot Textures

    Thread Starter: Ravenna

    I am having a problem with the crew texture in Allen's Sopwith One and a Half Strutter. I'm getting a textured head but nothing below the neck. The texture

    Last Post By: Ravenna Today, 20:19 Go to last post

    Alaska - Misty

    Thread Starter: zswobbie1

    I've put together a separate install using Misty Fjords, Tongass Fjords & Glacier Bay, populated with appropiate aircraft textures.
    Any ideas

    Last Post By: zswobbie1 Yesterday, 21:53 Go to last post

    Welcome to Marwen

    Thread Starter: TuFun

    I was doing some searching on a WW2 Humber Staff car and saw this cool preview of a WW2 illustrator... well checkout this trailer. It's different!

    Last Post By: PhantomTweak Yesterday, 22:00 Go to last post

    Li-2 'Cab' winter

    Thread Starter: Roxane-21

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Skins - Russian

    Description: Winter skin for Allen's Li-2 'Cab.'

    Last Post By: Ravenna Yesterday, 20:33 Go to last post

    Help with Mesh

    Thread Starter: zswobbie1

    I've downloaded some mesh for &, & they are a bunch of .bgl's, no folders & with no indication of where

    Last Post By: zswobbie1 Today, 00:06 Go to last post

    Anyone Recognize This Name?

    Thread Starter: falcon409

    "Austin Davis?"

    I received an e-mail from him a while ago with a list of several other names I recognized as being associated with

    Last Post By: fsafranek Yesterday, 17:03 Go to last post

    Fliegerhorst Caen German Luftwaffe WWII

    Thread Starter: klnowak

    Ending Falaise (just must do the readme...) i will show some pictures of the next Base that is coming up "Fliegerhorst" Caen. Much bigger than

    Last Post By: michaelvader Today, 10:06 Go to last post