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    I like all of the work that has been done. Thanks to people like you and many others we reap the rewards of all the work and effort. Thanks Guys !

    sixstrings5859 Today, 20:36 Go to last post

    Navigation Buoys UT

    Beautifully made. Many thanks UT

    Ravenna Today, 19:46 Go to last post

    SS Pruth wreck UT

    Thanks UT, a useful target and landmark. Any chance of the wrecked SS Macduhui?

    Ravenna Today, 19:43 Go to last post

    Cody Coyote or Anyone

    I took a guess,lol.

    I only deal with ship and planes.Ships I use the copy so all ships have their own way points.


    TheBookie Today, 18:35 Go to last post
    Shadow Wolf 07


    I should have checked before posting, but I found the answer in CC's Mission Builder Handbook at the very end of the chapter on Convoys and Formations.

    Shadow Wolf 07 Today, 18:19 Go to last post

    Cause I could!

    Greenhouse357, why I worry about 'trucks', especially the ones sold as 'Family Fun Vehicles' driven by Soccer Mums!

    wombat666 Today, 18:12 Go to last post

    got it to work

    I re-did the conversion a different way and it worked perfectly. Now working on panels and Dp files. Thanks for all the help.

    Marty Today, 17:56 Go to last post

    DMFS BAC 1-11 FSX Upgrade


    tommieboy Today, 17:13 Go to last post

    DMFS BAC 1-11 FSX Upgrade

    Speedy and efficient.....only 6 years later...

    I checked.....did repaints in 2012.....back in the days before I got around to actually

    Jafo Today, 17:11 Go to last post

    Cody Coyote or Anyone

    I think for the truck convoy you would need to plot the course to follow the road.for the railroad plot the course for the loco and then put the cars

    TheBookie Today, 15:36 Go to last post

    Landing gear flopping like the wings of a bird

    I have tried to convert the De Schelde ds 21 and the Fokker D-XXIII they came out good with exception of the landing gear. The D21 front wheel sticks

    Marty Today, 14:59 Go to last post

    Hawker Seahawk No.781 Sqn XE390

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2020 - Military repaints - Cold War

    Description: This folder contains

    jankees Today, 14:48 Go to last post

    Lockheed Jetstar II

    I have used some of FM guages for my JetStar II panel (not much though). I have the email for permission to use them still. He was very gracious and doubt

    gpeters Today, 14:48 Go to last post
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