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    1943 paint

    Huub Would you share where you got your nice 1943-45 repaint with star and bar roundels? Looks really good color delineation and all.

    tgycgijoes Today, 05:42 Go to last post


    I used to use Photobucket for image hosting too but I use mediafire now because even in their free version you don't get those annoying banners from Photobucket

    tgycgijoes Today, 05:40 Go to last post

    Riding the mines on a Harley Davidson!

    Been watching a lot of abandoned mine exploration ytube videos and came across this machine.

    TuFun Today, 05:17 Go to last post

    GMax RN Egret Class Sloop V1.0 by Stuart277

    Il s'agit des navires pilotables donc à classer dans AIRCRAFT de

    Tango Romeo et Tom Sandford ;

    virtuel navy

    dombral Today, 05:16 Go to last post

    Day trip to a Dornier

    I don't recall having any diffs getting away Daiwilletti, and that was with a full bombload. Although I may have held her on the brakes while throttling

    33lima Today, 05:13 Go to last post

    pour Stuart 277

    pouvez vous fabriquer les navires français suivant:

    l'aviso colonial Bougainville
    les avisos-dragueurs Elans et Annamite

    dombral Today, 05:07 Go to last post

    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    ..... from a well-known company, 20 built

    giruXX Yesterday, 23:21 Go to last post

    C-13 Boomerang

    Try dvslats or Typhoon Willy. A google search leads me to this 2017 thread.

    Allen Yesterday, 21:56 Go to last post

    Screenshots Redux

    Inspired by a recent post by braveheart77521 requesting help locating an Otto Router (Techpower) Boomerang, and having no clue where he might find one,

    MaskRider Yesterday, 19:01 Go to last post

    Kingfisher - OMG

    I've run Tim's FSX OS2U in Vista/DX10. It goes just fine.

    magoo Yesterday, 18:52 Go to last post

    Thank you

    I had not seen the USS North Carolina before, thank you I have added it to my file of battleships since it is dear to my heart having toured it a number

    tgycgijoes Yesterday, 17:21 Go to last post


    Well a good Stirling is missing in the sim so keep up the good work

    I see the aileron lever where I think the cables attach. Might work

    sdsbolt Yesterday, 16:35 Go to last post



    I actually used The B24 Guy's overhauled model in the auto-installer.

    Marty - Have you checked to see if the aircraft

    Rami Yesterday, 15:41 Go to last post
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