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    Thread Starter: lazarus

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military Props

    Description: Ralph Pegram's Blackburn Beverley C Mk.1,

    Last Post By: lazarus Today, 03:07 Go to last post

    Any compatible A400M's yet?

    Thread Starter: strykerpsg

    I see R Laborie's beautiful bird is only P3Dv2 and nothing found on a search of the net shows any mention of an upgrade to P3Dv4 and only turboprop airlifter

    Last Post By: strykerpsg Yesterday, 23:26 Go to last post

    B25 coming!?!

    Thread Starter: eddie

    Some of you may have already have known about it, but this is the first update photo from Vertigo off of their FB page for their upcoing B25! Like the

    Last Post By: Sundog Yesterday, 16:55 Go to last post

    German Grille AA

    Thread Starter: airfighter55

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 3 Other Add-Ons - Vehicles

    Description: German AA 8.8 on Grille.

    Last Post By: airfighter55 Yesterday, 12:55 Go to last post

    Loading passengers?

    Thread Starter: jinx

    I wish there was a way to load passengers to a suitable a/c in the sim--and actually see them loading up the stairs and through the door into the plane.

    Last Post By: jinx Today, 02:23 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: NachtPiloten

    Which one do you want me to finish first?

    Last Post By: mongoose Yesterday, 15:20 Go to last post

    Taxiway lights on USAAF combat airbases.

    Thread Starter: jmfabio

    Hi All. It is me again with a question for those who are more knowledgeable than I am.

    Were taxiway lights used on forward combat strips?

    Last Post By: docjohnson Yesterday, 15:59 Go to last post

    Activation issues with 2.2

    Thread Starter: strykerpsg

    I just updated to the latest version, 2.2 I think. It is now asking me to activate my modules, but cannot activate because it's in full screen mode.

    Last Post By: strykerpsg Yesterday, 16:55 Go to last post

    4gb patch wont execute

    Thread Starter: alcanallen

    Morning all, iv`e been using this 4 gb patch for some time as it eliminates all CTD`s but now on a fresh install it wont patch the CFS3.exe,any clues?

    Last Post By: alcanallen Today, 02:47 Go to last post

    Textures missing from FDG Malcolm Hood P-51

    Thread Starter: jinx

    I have downloaded and installed the FDG Malcolm Hood P-51 and its and its update.

    I had two visible

    Last Post By: jinx December 11th, 2017, 17:12 Go to last post
    huub vink

    Too close to feel comfortable!

    Thread Starter: huub vink

    Although I have installed FSX for many years now, I always kept flying in FS2004. I still have 3 installs FS9 as it more or less came out of the box,

    Last Post By: hertzie Today, 03:49 Go to last post