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    Marines JM-1

    Here's another JM-1. The Marines had several utility squadrons and it's not known which one this plane belonged to. A photo and a profile, both hosted

    Mick Today, 10:30 Go to last post

    Locher Sarntal airfield in the making

    Just got back and this is the FIRST THING I downloaded.... wrapping my head around this fantastic package..... WOW!

    Ta V- C

    cavaricooper Today, 10:22 Go to last post

    Cry Havoc And Let Slip

    ijay Today, 10:17 Go to last post

    A-20 Havoc FSX Native


    You're exactly correct. If one cannot get to the bomb bay or rear of the aircraft in real life, why model it ??
    Go ahead

    glh Today, 10:16 Go to last post

    A-20 Havoc FSX Native

    If you like this your going to like the P-61 when its finished too.. On the other hand, if your waiting on the P-61, get this while you wait. Yeahh, its

    warchild Today, 10:15 Go to last post

    A-20 Havoc FSX Native

    Ya know, This was a shock. The US Army used the P-70 in the south pacific as its first night fighterbecause the P-61 wouldnt be ready for

    warchild Today, 10:09 Go to last post

    A-20 Havoc FSX Native

    You do cutting edge aircraft that no one else is touching. The size of the projects and the time resources you apply
    are to be highly commended.

    Seahawk72s Today, 10:02 Go to last post

    A-20 Havoc FSX Native

    Thank you Milton and crews for the A-20 and B-26. Two great free aircraft. Milton give yourself a break and go back to updating you older aircraft. When

    semo Today, 09:54 Go to last post

    Locher Sarntal airfield in the making

    Will do Dimus!

    Ok, "details" is an entirely different image. Not at all related to the effect that "Detail1" provides.

    falcon409 Today, 09:53 Go to last post

    Couple of shots from AC

    noddy Today, 09:49 Go to last post

    Fuel Gauge?

    Does anyone know what file I need to access in order to change the color of the needle in the fuel gauge. It needs to be a bright yellow or bright red.

    Alky Today, 09:46 Go to last post

    Locher Sarntal airfield in the making

    The new CRI CRI and the freeware Bush C152 by lagaffe work well here.

    The legaffe bush 152 is available free from French vfr.

    speedy70 Today, 09:42 Go to last post

    Sea Fury Surprise

    I've hopefully sent the last batch of emails out now, although Outlook threw a bit of a fit due to the numbers involved so if you don't get anything in

    SkippyBing Today, 09:40 Go to last post
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