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    Vive la France! Amiot 143M bomber nearly ready..

    The French have made the most ugly planes, so much so, that they become quite cute, in a French kind of way!

    zswobbie1 Today, 06:05 Go to last post

    Projects and things.....

    Hi Huub,

    I think "right up my alley" is more accurate/correct but I know what you meant ;-)


    rgatkinson Today, 05:56 Go to last post

    Eagle Field AI Traffic

    Hello Ed,

    I've just checked the FTX AI for taildraggers and found an FTX AU Cessna 120.
    It seems it's crucial, that the aircraft.cfg

    Postbaer61 Today, 05:37 Go to last post
    pomme homme

    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    Is it the photograph or does it have a lack of ailerons? If so, does it have an all moving upper wing? As to its frontal profile, it looks to have the

    pomme homme Today, 05:26 Go to last post

    FS2004 Screenshots Here!!!

    Hi Paul,

    This rocks ! Much looking forward this new 109E serie.
    Keep up he good work


    l'iguane Today, 04:50 Go to last post

    CVAN-65 FSX Freeware

    The Mirror Landing System "meatball" lights were working fine for me over the weekend. I'm not the world's best Tailhooker. I

    TARPSBird Today, 04:49 Go to last post

    Keroman anyone?

    Thank you, Michael! It all helps.

    As usual, I spend alot of time researching, what I'm doing on wartime Keroman now. One thing I'm trying

    crossram Today, 03:37 Go to last post

    Eagle Field AI Traffic

    MCX shows the radius to be 5.25

    Update: I have tried increasing (by 1 whole number) and decreasing the aircraft radius and it has no effect.

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    I'm using an older but serviceable version for the Battle of France that UncleTgt cleaned up for me. It looks like after the campaign

    Rami Today, 03:12 Go to last post

    Eagle Field AI Traffic

    Check the radius of the aircraft model that you are using. I have had this problem before and was able to correct it using MCX.

    edakridge Today, 03:08 Go to last post

    Eagle Field AI Traffic

    Ed, this is exactly the behavior of some - not all - of my tail dragger AI aircraft. Not sure why some do and others don't do this.

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    That's fantastic. I'm glad this solution worked...

    Rami Today, 02:24 Go to last post
    huub vink

    How to get FS9 nearly perfect


    Beaches are a definitely a problem in FS2004. My country has a sandy coast with just dunes and beaches, but not a single grain of sand

    huub vink Today, 01:02 Go to last post
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