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  • New Posts

    Shadow Wolf 07

    Kursk VVS Campaign Started

    This is the 40's ol buddy. When I pull into a gas station, a guy runs out (rain or shine), fills me up, washes my windshield and asks if I want my oil

    Shadow Wolf 07 Today, 11:26 Go to last post

    SARO works, Beaumaris

    Drove past the old SARO works last year en route to Beaumaris.
    Apparently there would be upto 100 Catalinas moored in the 'Straits awaiting work.

    Miggers Today, 10:36 Go to last post


    Can't believe that no one has done a Hahnweide scenery for this lovely South German airfield
    and the Fliegertreffen they hold there.

    Miggers Today, 10:27 Go to last post

    MilViz F-100D Revisited

    Sneaking through the bushes, trying to come as near to the Soesterberg runway as you could, just hoping that you would be faster than the MP's and making

    hertzie Today, 10:22 Go to last post

    All seems quiet on the home front...

    I was thinking of buying TC at the spring sale. But what did close my wallet was that knowing the whole IL2/RoF series is a bit sterile, I suspect this

    Dutch_P47M Today, 10:16 Go to last post

    Kursk VVS Campaign Started

    Donít forget to gas it up or it might crash again halfway through a mission . Now would be a good time to change the fluids and spark plugs before uploading

    Deathwind Today, 09:59 Go to last post

    Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

    I have settled on the paint scheme for this model

    it's been a while since I have done a checkered cowling but I'm willing

    heywooood Today, 09:59 Go to last post
    Shadow Wolf 07

    Kursk VVS Campaign Started

    Thanks John. I will try it. The panel I got with the plane is 1024 x 768 and by sandydog . I reloaded all the gauges and will replace the panel with

    Shadow Wolf 07 Today, 09:24 Go to last post

    MilViz F-100D Revisited

    Great work on a very beautiful model, especially so given the complexity of the paint kit! To me it's a great shame that physical-based

    DaveQ Today, 07:20 Go to last post
    huub vink

    FSX Screenshots Here!!

    Hi Milan,

    Great shot from the Mustangs. I have seen "Damn Yankee" several times. As the pilot/owner has become above a certain

    huub vink Today, 06:56 Go to last post

    MilViz F-100D Revisited

    Looking forward to add the new one to the fleet - great Job, as always ...... thanks alot for your work and sharing it with us

    Fireball6 Today, 06:47 Go to last post

    MilViz F-100D Revisited

    WH47, menef, and Huub thank you for your kind remarks. Still not happy with the drop tank texture so continuing to tinker.

    Duckie Today, 06:44 Go to last post
    huub vink

    MilViz F-100D Revisited

    Very nice and as always highly appreciated The "metal" looks stunning!


    huub vink Today, 06:25 Go to last post
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