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    GSL Conflict

    here is a differnt solution
    Install scenrey 1 and take a layout file. Deinstll scebery 1
    Installe scenery 2 install layout

    achim27619 Today, 12:45 Go to last post

    JF/AH P-47 Thunderbolt is out!!

    It is in the paintkit, look for the alpha layers (group). Its set up for both painted and metal surfaces. You'll need to play around with the different

    Butcherbird17 Today, 12:42 Go to last post

    Fw-190 Question ?

    The ETO expansion comes with a Fw-190D-9. That is all i know of. Maybe someone could help ?

    sixstrings5859 Today, 12:28 Go to last post

    Found strange scenery texture

    Do you know which texture is this in scenery? im flying 20th fighter mission near frankfurt and saw this big square texture seems not blending

    wiekniera Today, 12:27 Go to last post
    Shadow Wolf 07


    Thank you!

    Shadow Wolf 07 Today, 12:15 Go to last post



    I tried it on Windows 7 and still get the same results.Tried both CFS2 and FS9 passwords and get incorrect password notice.

    braveheart77521 Today, 12:15 Go to last post

    CFS3 Questions

    Searchlights. Yes work has been done on them re using with Ankors by Dan (gecko). I'll give you more on this later. Also of course WOTR has them as well

    mongoose Today, 12:12 Go to last post

    CFS3 Questions

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a very long time since I've posted here. Had a lot going on in real life as well as in CFS3. I went back to school

    grover1 Today, 11:46 Go to last post

    P-51b Bald Eagle

    Hi, expat
    Bruce Martin did this repaint long ago, aviable here in the library, sorry to thumb to link. BM_p51_Bald


    alpine Today, 11:37 Go to last post



    If this problem persists, I can reconstitute the download and redo the installer without the password. Without having Windows

    Rami Today, 11:36 Go to last post


    I used Windows 7 to d/l FDG2 SBD and extract. PW worked OK with my Win 7. Not much help if problem with Win 10.

    highpockets Today, 11:03 Go to last post

    Fw-190 Question ?

    Are such relevant gMax or other usable 3d files available?

    BorekS Today, 10:40 Go to last post


    Recently the external disk drive with all my scenery, aircraft, and scenery crashed. I am trying to rebuild my cfs2 files. When I try to open the donationware

    braveheart77521 Today, 10:22 Go to last post
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