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    radio chatter

    where is the radio communication box?

    highpockets Today, 16:31 Go to last post

    Horst Petzschler's Bf109 G10 Yellow 5

    Thanks Huub, for the excellent repaint of 297, and the fix.

    mrogers Today, 16:21 Go to last post

    Learning AD2K

    Hello Smilo,
    Glad you´re pleased too!
    Correct! The Pony is just my build of the Ugly100, blue instead of red, renamed with a better name -

    aleatorylamp Today, 16:19 Go to last post

    Virtavia B-29

    A more 'real' one I've been reworking a bit..... and I found how to get a bit of Spec into the spinners ....

    Jafo Today, 16:18 Go to last post

    Project Dornier Do-17z2

    Hello Smilo,
    Yes, but the porpoising still set in, and afterwards he suggested increasing the elevator trim value to 0.40, which is what the .air

    aleatorylamp Today, 16:05 Go to last post

    Falcon 50 in FSX

    Bluebear has also uploaded a very nice native FSX conversion of Yannick Lavigne's Robin DR400. Don't forget to check it out! Thank you for your hard work...

    vonstroheim Today, 15:56 Go to last post

    FR North Star / Argonaut Released


    Thanks for the aircraft, I am delighted with it.
    I have been looking forward to a good Douglas four-engined

    ncooper Today, 15:36 Go to last post



    Make sure the "radio communication" box is checked when you're flying.

    Rami Today, 15:34 Go to last post

    radio chatter

    Is there a key or trick to turning it off and on assuming the allegiances are right?

    highpockets Today, 15:30 Go to last post

    A2A Connie is released!

    Could You do the silver on the top version ( if Yoy have a time )?

    YoYo Today, 15:21 Go to last post

    Learning AD2K

    am pleased to hear it's going well.
    very pleased.
    just as a point of clarification,
    you're currently working on the pony,

    smilo Today, 15:14 Go to last post

    Downloading P3d V3.4

    It will depend which licence number you will use to log in the website.
    You have bought the v3 and you have a licence number and password

    Daube Today, 15:14 Go to last post

    Ki-84-I Ko "Frank" by Allen released!

    Fixed missing canopy animation of the exterior model as pointed out by BoeingvsAirbusNKL. Go and re-download from the link at the top.

    Allen Today, 15:11 Go to last post
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