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    ian elliot


    Thread Starter: ian elliot

    First of a couple off Luftwaffe airfields in kicking off my HD over the next couple of weeks.

    Built in 1939 as an airport

    Last Post By: eddie Today, 12:07 Go to last post

    My Vacation: Morotai

    Thread Starter: jmfabio

    Hi All!

    Awhile ago my wife spent 2- 1/2 months away helping with grandchildren. When she returned she said that I could take a vacation.

    Last Post By: jmfabio Today, 07:15 Go to last post

    DC Designs Paint Kit for Reporter and Black

    Thread Starter: DC1973

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category P3D / P4D Add-Ons - Paint kits and utilities

    Description: This is the paint

    Last Post By: DC1973 Today, 03:40 Go to last post

    Default key assignments

    Thread Starter: zswobbie1

    Hi all,
    It's slipped my mind... How do I get my key assignments back to default?
    I'm using FSuipsc as well as default settings.
    I was

    Last Post By: zswobbie1 Today, 00:21 Go to last post

    MCX Question

    Thread Starter: Duckie

    Is it possible to change the material color in a model using MCX? This change would be for personal use only. I'm just tired of flying around with fuselage

    Last Post By: fsafranek Today, 07:40 Go to last post

    Just Flight Stinson L-5 trim

    Thread Starter: THibben

    I keep having a problem with the l-5 trim continuously driving to full nose down. Occasionally I can get it to work correctly but 99% of the time

    Last Post By: THibben Today, 08:22 Go to last post

    FSAddon Fieseler Storch - where to buy?

    Thread Starter: SH427

    Hi guys!

    I'm curious if there are any other places selling the FSAddon Storch. I decided I wanted to bite the bullet and start considering

    Last Post By: SH427 Yesterday, 14:43 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Rami

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons

    Description: This package is an attempt to reconcile

    Last Post By: Shadow Wolf 07 Yesterday, 12:54 Go to last post

    Missing repaints for Manfred's C-117

    Thread Starter: jankees

    I'm still working my way through uploading all repaints that went missing in the OZx hack, and I've come across a few that I don't have backups off, and

    Last Post By: gman5250 Today, 10:25 Go to last post

    KD_RJ_Gius_Rome released by Robert John, Gius, and Kdriver!

    Thread Starter: kdriver

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons

    Description: This is a GSL rendition of the City

    Last Post By: No Dice Today, 10:38 Go to last post

    New Guinea Landclass

    Thread Starter: fuzz1

    I enjoy flying the Orbx AYPY Jacksons New Guinea experience package with all those challenging Kokoda bush strips. Sadly, once you fly out of the immediate

    Last Post By: fuzz1 Today, 12:45 Go to last post