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    Aw spitfire-1

    Thread Starter: AcWai

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - British

    Description: VERSION 2.4 SEPT 2020

    Last Post By: AcWai Yesterday, 10:26 Go to last post

    AW SPITFIRE-1 has been uploaded

    Thread Starter: AcWai

    VERSION 2.4 SEPT 2020

    This aircraft has some minor modifications from Ver 2.3. It also has a lot of new gauges modified from the

    Last Post By: AcWai Yesterday, 10:26 Go to last post
    Navy Chief

    A F-22 pilot's review after flying a F-4

    Thread Starter: Navy Chief

    Just read this. Hilarious! Enjoy all..... NC

    F-22 Pilots comments after flying the F-4 Rhino
    A pilot who flies the F22 had the

    Last Post By: oldmsgt Yesterday, 11:31 Go to last post

    FSX/Accel/P3DV3/FS2004 German Frigate F222 BADEN WUERTTEMBERG

    Thread Starter: Bavarian

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Ships

    Description: FSX/Acceleration/P3DV3/FS2004 German frigate F222

    Last Post By: Bavarian Yesterday, 09:33 Go to last post

    My New Destinations

    Thread Starter: falcon409

    Papua New Guinea has become my go-to destination for Bush Flying using Lionhearts Kodiak. I've already done several Missionary strips that are not in

    Last Post By: falcon409 Yesterday, 10:50 Go to last post

    Miles Master III sounds required

    Thread Starter: Miggers


    I'm after a soundset for the Miles Master III powered by the 825hp P&W Twin Wasp Junior swinging a three blade prop.

    Last Post By: Miggers Yesterday, 03:18 Go to last post

    F1: Ricciardo

    Thread Starter: Panther_99FS

    Did Ricciardo make a mistake by jumping to McLaren for 2021?
    Renault has been looking quite quick these days.....

    Last Post By: Roxane-21 Yesterday, 17:03 Go to last post

    Dave Garwood's DH-98 Mosquito BIV

    Thread Starter: ericrab

    Where can I download Dave Garwood's DH-98 Mosquito BIV? The CBFS download links are dead?

    Last Post By: DaveWG Yesterday, 21:48 Go to last post

    Installation order

    Thread Starter: 65olschool

    Hello, Many years ago I used to fly CFS3 and I am making a return and have a few questions

    Im installing CFS3 on a Win10 machine and have

    Last Post By: Daiwilletti September 27th, 2020, 13:47 Go to last post

    Otis's Pactex

    Thread Starter: Don

    Where can I find Pactex?
    It doesn't seem to be on FlightSim to which the links refer.
    Thanks for any help.

    Last Post By: Don September 26th, 2020, 16:40 Go to last post

    VRS F/A-18E Problem

    Thread Starter: Eoraptor1

    SOH Brethren,

    I recently posted the following to VRS support forum, but I thought it best to post here as well. I've a feeling I'll get

    Last Post By: Eoraptor1 September 26th, 2020, 13:09 Go to last post