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    Glacier Bay FS2004 texture problem

    Thread Starter: JoHubb

    The screen-shot of Haines, PAHN is self-explanatory. All the Glacier Bay airports are affected.

    I have re-installed the scenery in case

    Last Post By: JoHubb Today, 05:50 Go to last post
    Cirrus N210MS

    Windows 10 updates are dangrous

    Thread Starter: Cirrus N210MS

    amazing how microsoft updates work or they kill your computer i had to reinstall every thing Watch out

    Last Post By: Jafo Today, 06:27 Go to last post

    OT- B17G Aluminum Overcast

    Thread Starter: MajorMagee

    The recently restored original B-17F Memphis Belle went on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force this past week. To celebrate

    Last Post By: MajorMagee Today, 04:22 Go to last post

    Danica & Allmendinger

    Thread Starter: Panther_99FS

    I wonder if they regret leaving Indycar...?
    I suppose from a pure $$ perspective, their answer would be "no"....

    Last Post By: jamminjames Today, 06:35 Go to last post

    CeraSim Blackhawk/Pavehack mods Part 1 (beta).zip

    Thread Starter: jagl04

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military Helicopters

    Description: Mods for the excellent CeraSim payware

    Last Post By: jagl04 Yesterday, 09:12 Go to last post

    BPF Iceberg Up and Running

    Thread Starter: Devildog73

    I've gotten BPF Iceberg up and running.

    I usually don't get this shot up in dogfights and make it back.
    But then, I was in a Hellcat....

    Last Post By: highpockets Yesterday, 15:47 Go to last post

    .bdp file

    Thread Starter: gosd

    For some reason one of my game version does not generate a .bdp file. Is there a max number of plane files you can add ?

    Last Post By: gosd Yesterday, 08:46 Go to last post

    Helicopter Total Realism

    Thread Starter: falcon409

    This question is born out of the Poll concerning Helicopter use in Flight Sim. Rather than get off-track in that thread I thought I'd just make a new

    Last Post By: PhantomTweak Yesterday, 10:57 Go to last post

    Shessi Ar-240*

    Thread Starter: fani

    Thanksa lot Shessi for all your work in making Ar-240

    MDLC190 convert easily the file model withexceptionof transparency.

    Last Post By: Rami Today, 02:25 Go to last post

    Poor Man's Police Scanner on PC

    Thread Starter: pilot2017

    Radio hobby is universal.

    In my video you see here is nothing fancy all unedited and I'm just yammering. I sound Oklahoman.

    Last Post By: pilot2017 May 19th, 2018, 17:11 Go to last post

    RTL1090 ADS-B At Home "Radar" Hobby

    Thread Starter: pilot2017

    What you see here in the image is RTL1090 software that 'sees' any aircraft transmitting full Mode-S output from the aircraft. It can be

    Last Post By: pilot2017 May 19th, 2018, 16:40 Go to last post