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    huub vink

    RAE Farnborough

    This list is normally quite complete:

    So I don't think there is a Farnborough for FS2004.

    huub vink Today, 09:14 Go to last post

    Still the Falcon 20....

    I noticed this as well.

    Try reducing nose wheel steer angle slightly in the aircraft.cfg file (CONTACT POINTS) but mostly reduce rudder effectiveness

    Mike71 Today, 09:10 Go to last post

    RAE Farnborough

    Hi Papi,
    Yes certainly I will give you a hand, would be good to have the static captured LW ac as it was in 1945/46...


    Shessi Today, 08:47 Go to last post


    I don't remember exactly what I took out of "Simple" but I seem to remember I removed the Commissary, the NEX Gas Station and maybe another

    tgycgijoes Today, 08:25 Go to last post

    IL*2 Great Battles News

    Update 3.007

    Dear friends,

    We just published another IL-2 Sturmovik update - 3.007. In this update we release 4 new aircraft:

    Phantom88 Today, 08:19 Go to last post

    NAS Alameda, CA KNGZ for FSX

    Downloaded this recent KNGZ zip today. But then I found I already have in P3Dv4 a "KNGZ Alameda_Simple" folder I installed in June of this

    expat Today, 08:09 Go to last post

    Still the Falcon 20....

    Uploaded and posted.

    jmbiii Today, 08:02 Go to last post

    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    Nice little parasol


    cthornburg Today, 07:55 Go to last post

    RAE Farnborough

    Hallo friends,

    can someone point me to or help me to find a scenery for RAE Farnborough for FS2004?
    nice would be a scenery close to

    michaelvader Today, 07:51 Go to last post

    XP 11.30 Beta

    Thanks for checking
    However, I realized one thing: contrary to what I thought, I am NOT using the default scenery around Seattle.
    I am,

    Daube Today, 07:35 Go to last post

    Macau F3 Crash

    That car literally flew past so fast I didn't see it in the video Incredibly lucky to survive that, even with sophisticated safety tech!

    Sascha66 Today, 07:33 Go to last post

    Macau F3 Crash

    Two comments:

    First: Sophia Florsch comes into the frame backwards and seemingly, WFO. Was there a mechanical failure of the throttle or

    gman5250 Today, 06:22 Go to last post

    XP 11.30 Beta

    Daube, I have not experienced that yet. I don't own XP11 but I put it on systems I build and I have not seen it happen yet. I will keep looking for

    txnetcop Today, 06:10 Go to last post
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