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    AT Simulations AN-2

    The crop duster is now available as a free update on the ATSimulations web site.

    Flies nicely.

    johnwillimas2 Today, 03:16 Go to last post



    Many thanks for these, I will try to test these in missions as soon as I can!

    Rami Today, 01:45 Go to last post

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons

    Description: Maxstuka SHIPS IMPROVEMENTS

    Maxstuka Today, 01:40 Go to last post



    I stand corrected. Since you have provided proof, it is okay. Thanks for responding!

    Rami Today, 01:39 Go to last post
    pomme homme

    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    Well done, Robert. It is the Albert A.110 as found in an attic before its restoration by Classique Aéro Service at Orbigny. I suspect that the absence

    pomme homme Today, 01:14 Go to last post
    ian elliot

    Aeroplane Heaven Seafire

    Thanks for your help guy's, i went with the Garnier FSX version which works out of the box for FS9, good VC and fly's better, not bad for an old girl

    ian elliot Yesterday, 23:58 Go to last post

    P-39C Airacobra

    Hi Ivan

    Interesting read... i like the comment "SCASM equivalent of adding a Glue Part"....well i'd say more like mig

    mav Yesterday, 23:01 Go to last post

    CFS 3 Upgrade package Version 2

    Yes, I know about the terrains2 thing. I haven't even done that this time.

    Might deleting the zx files have been where I went wrong? Shall

    dhasdell Yesterday, 23:00 Go to last post
    huub vink

    Aeroplane Heaven Seafire

    One of the nice things of having a new flight sim computer is that you have to go through your back-up disks. So I'm sure I have them on the back-up CD

    huub vink Yesterday, 22:59 Go to last post
    huub vink

    Herdla Luftwaffe airfield, Norway

    As I was wondering whether the flight dynamics did prevent the AI FW190 to take off, I replaced the flight dynamics by those which were made for the same

    huub vink Yesterday, 22:55 Go to last post

    More Luftwaffe future add-ons


    The "f_canopy" keyframe opens the bombbay doors..... hopefully now you can fix it.... good luck.

    mav Yesterday, 22:11 Go to last post

    Aeroplane Heaven Seafire

    If not, I'm sure I have it, along with the other 'missing' AH planes in my library.

    zswobbie1 Yesterday, 20:57 Go to last post

    Howard 500 N4362F

    Thanks, Milton, fun aircraft to paint!

    Thank you! Good stuff ah!

    New this and that, change this

    TuFun Yesterday, 20:23 Go to last post
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