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    737 airtanker

    he'd be pink,i wore pink wildland gear for three seasons thanks to tanker

    Daveroo Today, 11:42 Go to last post

    For Fibber and others...

    My best wishes join all the others.

    Good luck to you Sir.


    Anthin Today, 11:37 Go to last post

    X-Plane Screenshots

    The F4's in the pics above arent the default one... which I didnt think looked very good... they are ones I found as three packages that are on x plane

    MDIvey Today, 11:34 Go to last post

    For Fibber and others...

    Sounds very hopeful and promising. Hang in there! I'll definitely be thinking about you, and sending some positive waves!

    nagpaw Today, 11:32 Go to last post

    Scenery Overload

    Thanks Bjoern... It says I can go up to 32 Gb so I'll give that a try and see if it helps!


    MDIvey Today, 11:28 Go to last post

    Scimitar by Rob Richardson....

    Just finished an FSX version of the above Scimitar F1
    With removeable tanks and Sidewinders.
    Here is a download link should anyone be interested.

    robcarrich Today, 11:22 Go to last post

    X-Plane Screenshots

    I love that XP has a F-4 by default, but the cockpit is a tad simple.

    Bjoern Today, 11:00 Go to last post

    Scenery Overload

    If the simulator runs out of memory, increase Windows' page file size. I've set mine to 24 GB to accustom any memory demands that XP might have.

    Bjoern Today, 10:52 Go to last post

    Stand versus Gate

    Phraseology is entirely determined by the voice pack, so if you've used EditVoicePack recently, chances are that the ATC phrases were updated during the

    Bjoern Today, 10:49 Go to last post



    That's because I updated the name and the package, but forgot to delete the old entry in the system, so it never overwrote.

    Rami Today, 10:27 Go to last post

    X-Plane Screenshots

    you're right.


    MDIvey Today, 10:08 Go to last post

    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    The biplane was powered by a British engine which was popular for light aircraft in those days.
    However, the plane is not from the UK.

    fabulousfour Today, 10:02 Go to last post

    Spitfire IX download

    Not A2A, but, as I've mentioned before, a 3d mesh of the RealAir model has been available to buy on a few of the 3D modelling online stores for a few

    Bradburger Today, 09:54 Go to last post
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