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    Not so good at the cricket test matches mate!

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    Great shot at late dusk!

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    CFS3 Online Multiplayer Games

    One-eye , You have excellent taste in music. Sorry y'all for not being able to play, still a lot of things going on during that time of the day. Still

    sixstrings5859 Yesterday, 18:32 Go to last post

    cfs 4 using msf2020

    I still love CFS3 and IL-2 1946 . They have all a person with a mid-range pc could want. The IL-2 BOX series are nice ,graphics wise , but not better

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    It really does drive home the point that the blackout was an absolute necessity during wartime.

    MajorMagee Yesterday, 18:09 Go to last post

    GAS Next Project

    Wow. Thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to this one.

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    Thanks Ted for all you do. Some exciting models to come ! Can't see how you could outdo your He-219 . It's one of my favorites of all of CFS3 aircraft.

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    Not forgetting that the All Blacks are playing Ireland this weekend

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    Airfield Apron

    That's a good suggestion, Daniel. One of the things I'm a bit worried about is that on some airbases the AI wingmen land from 1/3 to 1/2 way along the

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    Awesome Andy ! Too bad we can't use it fo the WW II era.

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    I was experimenting with the new large city textures at night, to see if the occasional memory overflow crashes were the same or not. The ambient visibility

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    I'm a very busy man, what with kayaking, tennis, yard work, house repair work, watching cricket and Wimbledon!

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    Airfield Apron

    If you are just wanting to have the AI aircraft lining up on the runway, a better solution would be to edit the runway file in the objects folder. You

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    TeamSpeak 3 Server

    The SOH Flight Center's Teamspeak 3 server has moved to

    To connect to the TeamSpeak Server you will need the TeamSpeak3 client. Located here

    TeamSpeak3 client will advise you when a newer release is required.

    If you have TS2 installed don't worry they are completely independent of each other. In fact you can run both at the same time connected to two different serves with no problems. You can not connect a TeamSpeak2 client to a TeamSpeak3 server as well as the other way around.

    The TS3 connection address is one of the following, or

    Because of forum limitations I put a - before the www. This was to stop the forum software from thinking this should be a hyperlink. When it makes a hyperlink out of it things do not work. Ignore the -.

    The default port is 9987. You should not need to forward ports for TS3. You will need to check your firewall to make sure it is allowing you to connect if you are having problems.

    At this point and moving forward there is no password on the server.

    We have created many rooms for different simulators.

    Always use your or user name in the TS Client.

    When you join you will be a Guest and a Guest has almost no privileges by using your SOH user name we will be able to promote users to the SOH FC Members User Group.

    The SOH FC Members User Group can send text messages to clients/channels, upload files, down load files (be careful you do not have delete power and it is logged for accountability) and finally you can create Temporary channels in the event you want to use another room for a special event.

    We have a NPL so we can connect 512 users.

    The hope is to provide the flightsim community with the best TeamSpeak server out there.

    Legal disclaimer:

    We charge nothing for the use of the TeamSpeak Server and nothing will ever be charged for its use. Just like the forums this is provided for the members by the members.

    It is not a rules free server. You are required to follow the same rules that you agreed to when you signed up at the forums.
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