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    zip (CFS 3 Other Add-Ons) (8 Hits)
    zip 1% - 4GB Spitfire F.Mk Vb (Merlin 45 and 46) for (CFS 3 British Aircraft) (45 Hits)
    zip Bloch MB.152 Capitaine Georges Garde (Restauravia model).zip (FS 2004 Military skins - World War II) (58 Hits)
    zip Baldy' (CFS 2 Skins - German) (62 Hits)
    zip Gee Bee Z NC4440 "Hee Bee Gee Bee" (FSX Civilian prop skins) (20 Hits)
    zip 5th part of ships of the German Navy - (FSX Ships) (57 Hits)
    zip FSX_FS2004 PW R-1830 Twin Wasp (FSX Sounds) (265 Hits)
    zip MV-22B Osprey Release (Prepar 3D / P4D Add-Ons) (212 Hits)
    zip FSX/ (Prepar 3D / P4D Add-Ons) (95 Hits)
    zip Boeing P-26 Peashooter (FSX Military Props) (147 Hits)
    zip Baldy Loire LN401-411 skinpack (CFS 2 Skins - Other) (124 Hits)
    zip Baldy Loire-Nieuport LN401 upgrade (CFS 2 Aircraft - France) (151 Hits)
    zip Gee Bee Z (FSX Civilian prop skins) (33 Hits)
    zip Gee Bee Z (FSX Civilian prop skins) (35 Hits)
    zip FSX Native B-26B/C Martin Marauder Beta (FSX Military Props) (627 Hits)
    zip 4th part of ships of the German Navy - (FSX Ships) (69 Hits)
    zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - British) (65 Hits)
    zip FS9 ONLY B-26B/C Martin Marauder Beta (FS 2004 Military - Props) (167 Hits)
    zip Visual Upgrade M3D (CFS 3 Other Add-Ons) (37 Hits)
    zip Douglas Gun Nose A-20A Daisy (FSX Military skins - WWII) (137 Hits)
    zip FS9 Only Aero Commander 500 Wood (FS 2004 Civilian Props) (72 Hits)
    zip Lockheed Orion 16/9 2D panel for the P-3C built by the KBT (Prepar 3D / P4D Add-Ons) (37 Hits)
    zip USN (FS 2004 Military skins - Cold War) (42 Hits)
    zip (FS 2004 Military skins - Cold War) (56 Hits)
    zip Pe-2 Petlyakov (CFS 3 Russian Aircraft) (26 Hits)

    What's Hot...

    zip (FSX Civilian Props) (7699 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-47 (FSX Civilian Props) (7441 Hits)
    zip TW Radial Twin Sound Package (FSX Sounds) (6042 Hits)
    zip Ryan Navion B 300 (FSX Civilian Props) (5490 Hits)
    zip A-1H Navy (FSX Military Props) (5093 Hits)
    zip SOH A-26 Invader FSX (FSX Military Props) (4829 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Auto Installer (FS 2004 Military - Props) (3954 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Manual (FS 2004 Military - Props) (3895 Hits)
    zip MJ C-47 Texture (FSX Military skins - General) (3828 Hits)
    zip FSX/FSX-SE/P3D Douglas C-47R Skytrain V3.14 (FSX Military Props) (3756 Hits)
    zip Classic Warbirds Design Team/SOH Donationware F-100D Super Sabre for FSX/ (FSX Military Jets) (3493 Hits)
    zip Martin B26B-10 Maurader FSX 2011 Rev (FSX Military Props) (3246 Hits)
    zip FSX SP2/A Lockheed T-33A Revision (FSX Military Jets) (3192 Hits)
    zip (FSX Military Props) (3029 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-117D (FSX Military Props) (2866 Hits)
    zip Howard 500 For (FSX Civilian Props) (2667 Hits)
    zip PC-7 Version (FSX Civilian Props) (2343 Hits)
    zip FSX OV-10D (FSX Military Props) (2342 Hits)
    zip Beech AT-11 KANSAN v1.0 for (FS 2004 Military - Props) (2338 Hits)
    zip LDR FSX Grumman (FSX Civilian Props) (2271 Hits)
    zip B-29 Superfortress Package (CFS 2 Aircraft - American) (2256 Hits)
    zip (FS9) (2244 Hits)
    zip A-26/B-26 prop and glass tranparency (FSX Other) (2066 Hits)
    zip (AVH Misc) (2011 Hits)
    zip SWingman's Grumman Duck for FS9 and (FS 2004 Military - Props) (2010 Hits)
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    MN 148th - HAVE GLASS - Mirage 2000C

    Thread Starter: 000rick000

    This is the first of my P3D conversions. Took a quick break from the GAF F-86 to get this one rolling. Definitely looks better in DCS! There's so

    Last Post By: 000rick000 Today, 21:48 Go to last post

    FSX B-26 fuel gauge

    Thread Starter: SSI01

    Hello everyone - I just had the opportunity to take Milton's excellent B-26 for a hop and didn't know what I was missing by waiting so long. Thanks Milton

    Last Post By: SSI01 Today, 20:59 Go to last post

    Thread Starter: MajorMagee

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 3 Other Add-Ons

    Description: Ankor's Jan 2018 Shaders for CFS3

    Last Post By: MajorMagee Today, 18:04 Go to last post

    Iris PC-9 Iris TA-6 Texan freeware Downloads

    Thread Starter: PhantomP

    Hi,I want download the Iris PC-9 Iris,and the TA-6 Texan for fsx,there are two places,I have found to download them 1.Iris simulations,and 2.Rikoooo,is

    Last Post By: ak416 Today, 18:51 Go to last post

    MegaSceneryEarth v3 ?

    Thread Starter: Crusader

    Just wondered if v3 had any type of autogen (trees etc ) in this newer version ? Thought about getting Ohio . Had some of the other older versions years

    Last Post By: Crusader Today, 20:16 Go to last post

    BoB install question

    Thread Starter: mcbob

    Is the user/appdata for this install supposed to create it's own folder like ETO does, or does it use the stock cfs3 folder? My install shares the stock

    Last Post By: Daiwilletti Today, 12:56 Go to last post

    A2A C172 repaint request

    Thread Starter: ST0RM

    Would any talented painter like to take on a quick project for me?

    I'm currently in training for my PPL and fly this C172 out of our local

    Last Post By: ST0RM Today, 11:05 Go to last post

    Fire Power Reinstall

    Thread Starter: Flamingskull5000

    Yesterday I was looking at backups I had on an old external hard drive and came across my old CFS 3 install. I lost my Fire Power disk years ago and

    Last Post By: sixstrings5859 Today, 12:09 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: sidler

    I have been to this site many times, now I can't get in anymore! I get this ERROR 403. What is going on?


    Last Post By: lagaffe Today, 10:51 Go to last post

    Other planes like the C47 that will punish you for mistreati

    Thread Starter: guitar0633

    I am enjoying Manfred and team's C47 so much. I also enjoy my Aerosoft Twotter. I use Air Hauler and have found that I want to use planes that actually

    Last Post By: Bjoern Today, 15:49 Go to last post

    Sim Outhouse Freezes

    Thread Starter: blanston12

    Here on the left coast of the united states I am often looking online around 10:30pm our time and every day at about that time sim outhouse tends to freeze

    Last Post By: PhantomTweak Today, 21:08 Go to last post