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  1. INITIAL RELEASE: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

    Quote Originally Posted by OzWookiee View Post
    Issue Experienced:
    Expected Behaviour:
    Steps to Reproduce:
    Please include screenshots and or video where possible.
    When I download the ozx-goose for MSFS, my Windows 10 appears to not recognize the .7z file type and is trying to open it with Internet Explorer, which merely creates a 2nd IE-prefixed files that also does not open but creates a 3rd IE file. I contacted Windows online help and was told Windows Explorer cannot do .7z files. I have also ...
  2. INITIAL RELEASE: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingsCool View Post
    The start instructions are above, but, yes, ctrl-e works, too. When you say unable to start, are they turning over and just not catching? Make sure you've got about an inch of travel dialed in on the throttles (which is likely why it died). The engines won't run at full idle. Don't forget to open the fuel lines behind you either.
    Thanks...will do.

  3. Rob Richardson

    Quote Originally Posted by Cees Donker View Post
    Robert has done so many beautiful planes for us! Thank you very much!

    Thanks Rob all your planes are wonderful to fly appreciate your generosity.
  4. Captain Sim C-130 130th AS

    First repaint since a long time rolled out again. 2 C-130H's from 130th AS West Virginia Air National Guard. 95-6711 & 95-6712 both available for Captain Sim C-130 pack.
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  5. FSX Screenshots Here!!

    Quote Originally Posted by tgladman View Post
    I'm working on this at the moment which should be for FSX and P3Dv4. It might also work in P3Dv5.

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