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  1. Must have Addons for FS2004/FSX/P3D

    There are certain addons both freeware and payware that change the look,the feel and above all what everyone is looking for in the sim "The realism of the sim"

    Feel free to post your favorite addon freeware and payware. Please provide picture,videos and links to the addon if available.

    Mines are
    1. A2A Accu Feel
    2. FS Water Configurator
    3. Active sky next ...
    Tags: addons, fs2004, fsx, p3d
  2. New Project underway: Laos 1968 Lima Site Pack 1

    Beginning with famous LS-20a, secret CIA airbase and Hmong General Vang Paos stronghold.

    Other sites in the Lima Site Pack 1 will be LS-05, L-22, and LS-14, all in the vincinity of LS-20a.

    First look at an early alpha version of LS-20a:

  3. Instant Scenery - Dicontinued

    The current Instant Scenery version-3 product page is here:

    Hope this helps !

  4. Dream Premonition or Incantation

    It was some 79 days ago I awoke from a strange dream. The dream was specifically about a Pandemic that kills 90% of the world population.

    The dream was so real that upon waking I was able to recall it completely. Hours later I was still able to recall all of the details. This is something I know is not normal for a dream. Typically if you do not consciously commit the dream to memory as soon as you wake up you lose all knowledge of it.

    Hours and days ...
  5. procrastination

    i guess we are all guilty of that its so easy to come up with an excuse!!
    Here i sit today in this wheelchair could have been avoidedIhad a minor stroke about aweek before i had no medical insuranceIfigured it wasnt serious! we are all imortatarnt we T oday the chances of me walking are gone I Cannot tell the time.A set of flyght dynamics are as easy as newtons physics.The moral here is take care of your health till its too late we cannot be replaced who in the ...