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  1. im old

    normally i dont complain
    but i am getting to old to work or at least thats what i am told
    well actually over qualified i guess that seems nicer
    but its the same thing youre an ole fart and we dont know what to do with you
    i go to 2 or 3 interviews a week same thing
    maybe i am threatening someones job cos im smarter
    i would not employ me if i was the boss
    been there done that
    sometimes looking back maybe i just did not think about someone else just ...
  2. A-Hoa Sully

    Quote Originally Posted by PSULLYKEYS View Post
    Still working on 2 more, here's progress...
    Sully take a look see at this web page, rummage around and there lots a things to think about:
    "CLICK" ON #5 FIRST, then <>on click ...
  3. KFC's New Sandwich-out April 12~ YIKES!

    I have been waiting on this sandwich to come out forever. This is great news. And on the day that I have my physical health assessment for the military. The timing couldn't be anymore perfect. Migh just have to get 2. :ernae: