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  1. DSB/IRIS F-15C/D/J/DJ refresher project

    Quote Originally Posted by huub vink View Post
    Just out of curiosity: Are Japanese maintenance stencils written in English, in Japanese using "normal"western letters, or are they written in Japanese symbols?

    In my country English is seen as the "international aviation language" so stencils are in English. Ages ago I saw the stencils on French and African aircraft were in French......

    The paintwork is superb again

    As far as I can say and ...
  2. Where the devil I've been...

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kurt View Post
    Not the same without you. Welcome back.
    Wot Kurt said, welcome back Rami
  3. The Passing of a great man...

    Hello all,

    My name is Aaron and I wanted to come on here and let you know that my Father, whose profile I am on now, has passed away as of 9/28/2021 at 12:45 am. It was in his wishes for me to pop in here and let everyone know this information, he said kind words about this forum. I hope that you all find peace and love in your lives. Thank you for being a part of my fathers.

    god bless,
    Aaron Stevenson in lieu of Michael Stevenson
  4. Brandnew New 3.1 L61 Juan Carlos & F100s

  5. Milviz F-15E Weapons won't show up

    Quote Originally Posted by paul day View Post
    Maybe a stupid question but have you gone into the options menu and adjusted the payload menu? As default only weights for pilot and rear seater are there so weights need to be added to every station. Regards Paul Day.
    I'm sorry but I don't understand...
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