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  1. Anybody else going to contribute so we don't lose soh?

    I got car insurance and a orthodontist bill to pay this month plus I need a bite to eat.
  2. Benoit´s F-27 repaints anywhere?

    Quote Originally Posted by vonstroheim View Post
    The New England one is nice but not enough hi-res to my taste. The 2 Air Inter are from the original developper (Benoit Gaurant), and they are great and period correct. But yes that's it, what a pity!

    There's a white livery in the package. Let's hope some talented repainters give it a try!
    Obviously, ...
  3. Orbx released Pacific-Aerospace-750-xstol 10/7

    Quote Originally Posted by LostPilot View Post
    This one's a little disappointing. Bad sounds (stock, and very quiet), no PMS 750 support (though it does support the TDS), no animated cargo (not the end of the world but it's become pretty common these days), no statics, tablet takes up a ton of space for only having 3 options. I recommend it only if you really like the real-world plane but otherwise, get the Milviz Porter, Kodiak, or even Black Square Caravan for sure. I'm hoping Orbx updates it, but their track record of improving their planes
  4. Peculiar Message

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Clayton View Post
    Odd... I don't see anything in the comments regarding issues like what you described. I wonder if there was a conflict with another addon. Try emptying your Community folder except for this one addon and see if you get the CD message then.
    Tom, I've just deleted the addon, it's not that important an addon so I don't think it's worth the bother.
  5. Of possible interest?

    Quote Originally Posted by aussie View Post
    This site has some great drawings that may interest the modelers here.

    Curtiss H75 Hawk, P-36, P-40 Tomahawk, Warhawk series drawings (


    Thanks Aussie, great link
    That's an amazing amount of detail. I particularly liked the analysis of the P36 series...
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