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  2. Clawson's SB2U joint conversion update

    Quote Originally Posted by fde_bressy View Post
    Could you also ask Paul Clawson to make a FS 2004 version of all the new palnes he made for FSX, such as the Berliner Joyce OJ-2, Northrop BT-1, Northrop A-17, Douglas O-43, Douglas O-46, Amiot 143 or Ryan YO-51 Dragonfly (very nice small bird...)?
    I believe that all or most of these are available in FS 2004 ( or 2002) versions. I'll research it further.
  3. My FSX videos from the begining to ......

    Quote Originally Posted by Nesu View Post
    ... I would like share my fsx videos here ...
    I hope i can get some good idea from U
    Don't hesitate to add ur negative such as positive comments ....

    Best Regards
    Flight Simulator X
  4. Down another hole

    Quote Originally Posted by gman5250 View Post
    Good work sir. Once you start your metabolism in a direction it is much easier to keep it going that way. The jeans are always a good barometer. Keep shooting for that next size down.
    For what it's worth. Shut off your carbs after mid day and stay with your proteins and green vegies. Save the carbs for early day fuel. Don't take the carbs to bed with you where you don't need them. It should help with the reflux too.

    Stay motivated. :salute:
    ....I was wondering, ...
  5. Don't forget the middle child

    Quote Originally Posted by sdsbolt View Post
    between the Blenheim and Beaufighter

    WOW!! Too Cool!!