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  1. Hello Y'all

    I'm running around here doing the introduction thing, I may be in the wrong place, it's been a long day, but just checked my email and seen where Paul invited me on in the door, thanks Paul, I'll be quick as my day started out at 5 a.m. this morning and I've been a night shift guy most of my years from being a long haul trucker, that seems to be my place "Doing The Midnite Rider" thing, I had to go to the eye doctor at 2 p.m. today and if I don't ...
  2. Re-discovering Flying Stations's Sea Fury

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveQ View Post
    Great paints Fleurdelys for a great add-on!! Just doing fly-by's gives me goose bumps with that incredible sound set!!

    I think I've cracked the nose-over problem. For some reason I had a tailhook section in the aircraft.cfg file despite the hook configuration being hard-coded (or so I believe). Took it out and things are much better.


    Only saw this post now. Thanks so much, going to try this out this weekend!
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  4. Clawson's SB2U joint conversion update

    Quote Originally Posted by fde_bressy View Post
    Could you also ask Paul Clawson to make a FS 2004 version of all the new palnes he made for FSX, such as the Berliner Joyce OJ-2, Northrop BT-1, Northrop A-17, Douglas O-43, Douglas O-46, Amiot 143 or Ryan YO-51 Dragonfly (very nice small bird...)?
    I believe that all or most of these are available in FS 2004 ( or 2002) versions. I'll research it further.
  5. My FSX videos from the begining to ......

    Quote Originally Posted by Nesu View Post
    ... I would like share my fsx videos here ...
    I hope i can get some good idea from U
    Don't hesitate to add ur negative such as positive comments ....

    Best Regards
    Flight Simulator X