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  1. .Under the Radar !

    Something is missing ! Anyone tried their modelling skills with this Beast from the Cold-War ??....................... response

    If anyone has, please put her up and share it, and put me out of my misery ! This is the one aircraft from the Cold War era
    that seems to have slipped under the F.S. World's radar.

    Fly High...Punch Holes in the Sky

  2. Bad News

    Hello Everyone,

    this is my first post and it is only bad news.
    My Dad passed away on Sunday and I found him today...

    I feel really absolutely bad.....

    SOH Members
  3. CfgEd 1.5

    Quote Originally Posted by MaskRider View Post
    Hiya Braveheart,

    It might be that cfgedit just won't do the trick anymore. You might consider upgrading to the payware FS Panel Studio. Its been well worth the investment for me. I am still using XP Pro myself so I can't say for sure that it would solve the problem.

    Thanks Maskrider

    I purchased FS Panel Studio and the problem is solved

  4. Need info on F-86 52-4329

    Hello! My boyfriend is building a F-86 with serial number
    52-4329, but needs the rank and pilot's name for this
    plane to make it accurate. Does anyone know this information? We would appreciate any help!

  5. Skysim Sea Vixen Repaint - what a find!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    This thread is 8 months old were these paints ever released ????
    Over a year old, actually!

    They were released - at UKMIL. Sometime after I downloaded them, however, they were taken down. So the question is really about figuring out how to contact the author to request them being reposted - whether back at UKMIL or elsewhere. Unfortunately, the trail on the author (known only as "reef" has gone cold.

    If SOH has some kind of "statute of limitations" ...