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  1. Inside Beta Testing

    Over the last ten years or so, we have all seen MSFS models go from $5.00 each to $50.00 and more. With the increase in pricing, have come increased systems integration and model complexity. Interior and exterior visual acuity rivals today real aircraft. As the realism of flight sim models have increased, so too have the expectations of the consumer.

    Developers are caught between the customers’ desire for ever better and more exact models, and the increased costs in man hours to program ...
  2. flight sims theraputic

    some of you may know i had a stroke ayear ago, paralizing half my body and brainwell im glad to say im improving aftera year of therapy,
    some of my therapyincludessimple;games like checkers[draphs]in brit terms]anywhoflight sims are doing me wondersi used to be an ace at tweaking if i say so myselfbut forgothow to,getting back to sims again i found a copy of fs2002 and was complrtly baffled,hoe to add another aircraftbut forgot how to tell the time:mixedsmi:but now ...
  3. SOH Team Project - Grumman Tracker, Trader, Tracer

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
    Alrighty then. For starters, and since Matt has a paint kit ready, I'd like to take a crack at the Tracer, and any good links for color shots you could send my way would be appreciated.
    Here are some photo's of the E-1B. Hope they help.
  4. Unbelivable Duxford scenery

    Quote Originally Posted by nazca_steve View Post
    This just keeps getting better and better! Can we have some Sea Fury shots next? I have fond memories of seeing an Iraqi AF one taxying along one summer. But hey, any Sea Fury will do!
    Who do I shoot?
  5. Airwolf meets FSX

    Quote Originally Posted by kilo delta View Post
    Just came across this video on the Tube ...definitely worth viewing Choose the 720p HD version

    Found these videos on the tube .....
    Awsome airwolf RC.....