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  1. A Father's Son

    A battle rages in my head,
    And it won't end until I'm dead...
    The dreams they come to me at night,
    and I shake awake and sweat with fright...
    I've fought these demons many years,
    And covered hurt though endless tears..
    The smell's still fresh, as is the scene.
    My senses, in that moment, keen..
    I see you lifeless on the floor,
    My eyes don't want to see no more..
    I see the film upon your eyes...
    In an instant my spirit dies..
  2. Hungryland Back 40 Gravel Grinder

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    South Florida has a plethora of really good off road cycling trails.

    Last week while in the local bike shop I saw a sign for the Hungryland Back 40.

    This should be an interesting race. I have run this trail a number of times and it really is the back 40.

    You can look into registering ...
  3. Howdy Fellers

    Quote Originally Posted by truckertwotimes View Post
    As usual, I went the long way around, to say hey, I'm new.... And CrAzy lol just wanted to tip my hat and introduce myself, I am TruckerTwotimes and look forward to making new friends on here, nice webiste, I'm into the FSX flights after the midnight hours, favorite mission still the Quito Approach Heavy Freight Hauler I Am Regards, Jeff A.K.A. TruckerTwotimes Attachment 88834
  4. Hello Y'all

    I'm running around here doing the introduction thing, I may be in the wrong place, it's been a long day, but just checked my email and seen where Paul invited me on in the door, thanks Paul, I'll be quick as my day started out at 5 a.m. this morning and I've been a night shift guy most of my years from being a long haul trucker, that seems to be my place "Doing The Midnite Rider" thing, I had to go to the eye doctor at 2 p.m. today and if I don't ...
  5. Re-discovering Flying Stations's Sea Fury

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveQ View Post
    Great paints Fleurdelys for a great add-on!! Just doing fly-by's gives me goose bumps with that incredible sound set!!

    I think I've cracked the nose-over problem. For some reason I had a tailhook section in the aircraft.cfg file despite the hook configuration being hard-coded (or so I believe). Took it out and things are much better.


    Only saw this post now. Thanks so much, going to try this out this weekend!