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  1. I hope to some day make virtual aircraft as these

    For a long time, I have struggled and failed miserably, when designing my own aircraft for CFS3, but I am modeler, I have always found comfort in the modeling, and I thought I would leave you some idea for a different version, as can be this:Attachment 66938Attachment 66939

    Or this one:Attachment 66940Attachment 66941

    Them are not real planes, but they are really "whatif".
    Is there someone in my ...
  2. M3D Viewer in CFS3 ETO

    Quote Originally Posted by airfighter55 View Post
    Hi Fighters,

    some friends told us in the forum, there is a m3d viewer in the CFS3 ?

    Where is it or is it a add on to download ?

    Or is it the normal case view in the main menu ?


  3. Erco 415 Ercoupe(freeware) released 17may12

    First, I'd like to thank Craig for that nice little plane. It's fun to fly and also fun to paint.
    When he first announded it some time ago, I decided to by a sim-yoke and wait - that was well worth it!

    here are two WIPs that will, however, take some more time 'cause I'm a bloody beginner in skinning planes.

    btw: where can I find the rudder and elevator hinges with the templates?
    And does anyone know that cat (it's the nose art of D-EOPI)
  4. The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  5. B-52 61-002

    Quote Originally Posted by Bone View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Warren View Post
    Only photos i have show her when she was assigned from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB on 5 June 1995 , no nose art on it then but the aircraft in August 31 1996 had only accumulated 15,350. flight hour ... i consider that as very low .
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