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  1. F6f-3 hellcat vf-19

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    I'm working on a new campaign so I'm posting a few skins and planes tonight as part of the prep for it.

    Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat No. 25 VF-19, USS Lexington CV-16, October 1944. Pilot: Lt. Bruce Williams - 7 victories

    This is a complete model of The B24 Guy's Overhauled F6F-3 Hellcat with a new skin including all texture and damage files, A low specular shine model, new dp, aircraft cfg, and air file.

    This model requires Dbolt's Enhanced U.S. Weapons
  2. Thanks

    I have recently downloaded two freeware offerings.--namely, The Ryan Navion and the PT19.
    I have been a simmer for about 20 yrs. I am a part owner/operator of a Navion -10 years -
    These are some of the best bits of sim software that I have ever acquired. Thanks to the developers.--highfly
  3. C47_v2 Silver texture

    Hello, I am a newcommer to this site, and I need some help.When I install the silver livery, I get a black panel... And I don't understand what can be wrong .Thanks in advance for your help.

    Your suggestions will be welcome !

    Kinds regards
  4. Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio, USA

    Had a conference in Columbus today; finished early so I zipped over on I-70 to Dayton. Got to the museum at 4...they close at 5...quick walkthrough to the early section and there she was...the collection's Boeing P-26 Peashooter in 18th PS colors! Hard to believe this was once a combat aircraft!!! Anyway I was shooed out by the veteran volunteers...I guess they wanted to go home...such an awesome place, any only 2 hours away.
    One day day I WILL make the trip down to Naval Aviation ...
  5. CFS3 Air Plain Design

    I tried that from the sticky thread and even installed directx9 sdk with no luck. Its unable to find directx on a 64bit/x86 system.

    Quote Originally Posted by hairyspin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JollyGreen007 View Post
    CFS3 MOS File Editor of Combat Flight Simulator 3 SDKs wants to load directx 9 file, but my system has directx 11 installed. Is there a way around this.
    Yes there is: check the Knowledge Base sticky thread above.