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  1. stuff never released by Foute Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Foute Man View Post

    i was wondering if there's any interest in never released cfs 3 addons by me. i've made a lot of files for never released projects. unfortunately i had some bad luck several years ago, a computer just died and an external hd crashed; i lost several cfs 3 installs, including the bulk of the stuff i was working on.
    i managed to retrieve some files, including most of my templates. most of the hex-edited aircraft, ships and vehicles were lost, although some of this stuff was
  2. Willy Jeep Repaint link issues

    [QUOTE=FSX68;825385]I have received emails from some of you that the zip file would say invalid file or something of the sort
    SO here is the direct link to my Willys Jeep Repaints:

    Sorry for the botched link in the original SOH Download link[/QUOTE]
  3. Update on Aerosoft's Big Cat

    Quote Originally Posted by Sundog View Post
    The first of the teen series fighter demo's I ever saw was the Tomcat at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, back in the '80's. From the World Famous Pukin' Dogs. They used to perform the Grumman Cat fly by back then, with the Wildcat, Hellcat, Tigercat, Bearcat, and Tomcat. During the second pass when they flew over the crowd the Tomcat would pull into the vertical for the missing man fly-by. That was always an awesome sight.

    Hi Sundog, your post brought to mind watching the airshows at Selfridge
  4. A Father's Son

    A battle rages in my head,
    And it won't end until I'm dead...
    The dreams they come to me at night,
    and I shake awake and sweat with fright...
    I've fought these demons many years,
    And covered hurt though endless tears..
    The smell's still fresh, as is the scene.
    My senses, in that moment, keen..
    I see you lifeless on the floor,
    My eyes don't want to see no more..
    I see the film upon your eyes...
    In an instant my spirit dies..
  5. The good life

    Thought I'd add to my blog and bring all up to date.

    I've been retired now for almost a year. Part of my retirement plan included a new computer and migrating to FSX. I'm happy to say that has consumed a lot of my time since the first of the year.

    There is a lot to learn, and a lot to catch up on with regards to FSX. I've been keeping track of my FSX related purchases and can tell you it's excessive. Nice to have a budget.

    I find it interesting that there ...
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