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  1. Paradise lost,the tragedy of Democracy

    Most Canadians (and, sadly, most Americans) are wholly unaware of what a magnificent document the Declaration of Independence is. Certainly; based on over five decades of empirical observation, the elected and anointed denizens of Babylon on the Potomac have no idea at all. Oh, they can mouth the words; but they cannot comprehend the meaning. Not through stupidity,or obstinance, or simple bloody-mindedness. I speak of a congenital defect of character that occurs in those that seek elected office, ...
  2. over and out

    not worrin' bout it no more
    bye bye

    Updated September 3rd, 2014 at 00:24 by lazarus

  3. F6f-3 hellcat vf-19

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kurt View Post
    I'm working on a new campaign so I'm posting a few skins and planes tonight as part of the prep for it.

    Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat No. 25 VF-19, USS Lexington CV-16, October 1944. Pilot: Lt. Bruce Williams - 7 victories

    This is a complete model of The B24 Guy's Overhauled F6F-3 Hellcat with a new skin including all texture and damage files, A low specular shine model, new dp, aircraft cfg, and air file.

    This model requires Dbolt's Enhanced U.S. Weapons
  4. Thanks

    I have recently downloaded two freeware offerings.--namely, The Ryan Navion and the PT19.
    I have been a simmer for about 20 yrs. I am a part owner/operator of a Navion -10 years -
    These are some of the best bits of sim software that I have ever acquired. Thanks to the developers.--highfly
  5. C47_v2 Silver texture

    Hello, I am a newcommer to this site, and I need some help.When I install the silver livery, I get a black panel... And I don't understand what can be wrong .Thanks in advance for your help.

    Your suggestions will be welcome !

    Kinds regards
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