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  1. Unbelivable Duxford scenery

    Quote Originally Posted by nazca_steve View Post
    This just keeps getting better and better! Can we have some Sea Fury shots next? I have fond memories of seeing an Iraqi AF one taxying along one summer. But hey, any Sea Fury will do!
    Who do I shoot?
  2. Will There Ever Be re-paints For Manfred's C-47?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smoothie View Post
    the fsx ones once resized should fit if i recall...

    i'm working (slowly) on a Hellenic Air Force C-47 in typical Camo might be a while though due to R/W commitments recently...
    :violent: WIP?
    Looking forward to that Matt! I'm working (slooooowly) on some sounds too! How about Tom Gibson's C-46 in Hellenic Air Force camo too? That's also one very nice piece of machinery. They'd go down a treat at Sedes AB. sorry!...just love the new icons