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  1. After the gold rush

    I suppose i should update this blog.. Really there isnt a lot i can say in here that isnt said in the P-61 thread.. They tell me that spring is gonna be late this year. Up here in oregon where spring doesnt come until june. that isnt a good thing, especially when you aint so young any more and you got a body that likes to complain about every little change in weather.. Well, whatever.. Nothing i can do about the weather.

    I'm hoping to retire this year. I mean really retire. Watch ...
  2. P-61 rumblings

    A friend of mine died today, run down by some guy in a car that didnt think he should have to slow down. My friends 16 year old daughter was also hit. She's in ICU.
    Somehow over 3 gigs of gauges got deleted from my gauges folder. good thing there was a backup.
    The plane works perfectly n my machine, but another person is having problems. I have to wonder what the difference is.. I need Delata558 to get his eyes on this thing and shred it. He's the best tester in the world, literally, ...

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  3. SOH P-61 project

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    ok.. Sent Crashaz an email wondering if he's ok.. he hasnt been on since sept. 1st so hopefully things are ok and he'll recieve it..
    progress notes..

    esterday i was working on smoothing out the curves for the control surfaces to make controling the aircraft more precise and closer to realistic. I say closer because we only have anologies to work with from pilots and observers. I believe i have done ok with them but time will tell.. Today it was about props and getting ...