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April 1st, 2016, 00:27
I've been out of the repainting/re-texturing game for a few years now but just recently got back into it with a new gaming computer.

Although it's not quite finished yet (still lacking some minor details) I wanted to post a couple of screen shots and see what the take on this new skin is.

It's of the freeware Alpha Sim B-57B Canberra for FS2004 with FSX model and FSX glass textures.

It's repainted in a Lozenge camouflage which was found on German aircraft in the later stages of World War 1.

I'm debating as to whether to leave it as is, as a privately owned aircraft paint (adding the small details like ejection decals, warning decals, etc.) or adding the black Iron Cross that would have accompanied this paint scheme as it was originally found during World War 1.

The aircraft was also completely re-textured with new panel lines on the fuselage and wings

Any feed back/suggestions on this either way would be greatly appreciated. These are un-edited and have not been re-touched in an editor. They are straight screen shots using REX in FSX.

Thanks and cheers........Ari

Yeah...I know it's Impression not imperssions...DOH!