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February 2nd, 2009, 12:12
On the main page of the Around the World Race web site they announced the new team. They were supposed to announce the Team Speak server IP this morning but as of yet I can't find it at any of the sites.

Has anyone heard anything new?

New Team: FS-MP.com
24 January 2009
I'm writing to share some exciting news. The Executive Committee of the race have recently voted to bring a fourth team into the Race: FS-MP.com. This news comes after a fairly long process over which FS-MP showed that they have the numbers, focus, and enthusiasm to join our community.
To accommodate this new team, our technical advisor, John Mueller, will shortly be releasing a new version of the Duenna race tracker.
As part of the process of welcoming a new team to the race, we will be hosting an information session over TeamSpeak next Monday evening (2/2) at 6PM Eastern Time, 11PM GMT. Anyone planning on flying in the race for any team is welcome to join us for this discussion, during which we'll be providing some basic information about the race, followed by an opportunity for anyone to ask whatever questions they have. We'll be providing the IP for the TeamSpeak session on Monday morning.
As a reminder, this year's race will begin on 21 February. The Special Rules for the race will be made public a few days prior.

February 2nd, 2009, 12:29

We're wondering the same thing, no sign of the IP address yet...

FS-MP team