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April 10th, 2014, 22:20
G'day Milo here ,
Looking around the net and seeing what sites I like as I'm getting back into fsx slowely,
I started about 3 years ago when I bought my then new pc, but had to stop and look after my
elderly father (now recently passed ) any way with my now found free time , which takes some getting used too!
I'm slowly getting back into fsx.. mostly GA, not into 737's although have flown them.
I've been buying a few aircraft here and there to see what I like , A2A Cessna 172 trainer, Carenado's Grand Caravan 208b's
and a Cessna 340II , also just bought a Razbam SA2270BC Metroliner III for my fictional fsx company.
Starting out as a small operator /airliner based in Wollongong (Orbx scenery) ...
Well thats about it for me at the moment..
feel free to check out my site! its a work in progress ..
thanks for having me



April 10th, 2014, 23:14
Welcome Milo. Great to see you have finally found your way to the best FS forums around. you will find we are a fairly relaxed mob. And yes you can show screenshots using ANY scenery you wish to :).

Feel free to drop into the Cantina and as head barman there I might even shout you a beer :ernaehrung004:.

April 11th, 2014, 06:47
Milo, greetings to the best site bar none. Hope you have a great time here. You are in the hands of experts. (Saw that last sentence on a window in Soho..).

Graham Sullivan.