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March 23rd, 2014, 12:32


Pacific Islands Airfields - WW2
Pacific Islands is a collection of highly detailed historical airfields. As much fun as you can have in X-Plane!

Munda Airport is an airport in the Solomon Islands . Opened on 1 December 1942, it was used by the Japanese forces as a forward operating base. Munda airfield was the principal objective of the Central Solomons campaign. It was captured by the US Army XIV Corps forces after 12 continuous days of fierce fighting in the jungle area. The high ground around the airfield fell on August 5, 1943. (Wikipedia). Munda Airfield was used by the American forces form the remaining of the war.
After the war, the airfield was turned into a commercial airport, used for regional flights by Solomon Airlines.

Gizo Airfield is also located in the Soloman Island. in 1943 the island was occupied by Japanese troops

Barakoma Airfield. Located at the south-east corner of Vella Lavella, along Barakoma Bay, and south-east of Barakoma. During August 19-28, 1943 Japanese aircraft attacked Allied forces in the Barakoma area losing a considerable number of aircraft and Allied fighters and anti-aircraft claimed about 50 attackers. None of the raids did considerable damage. The last recorded Japanese raid was January 16, 1944 when four bombs were dropped three miles wide of the airfield.

Vanuatu Islands: Palikulo Bay Airfield or Bomber Field #1 is a former World War II airfield on the island of Espiritu Santo in the New Hebrides Islands.

100% original objects to recreate the WWII ambiance

Tents - Towers - Quonset hut, Barracks -etc

Static aircraft and vehicles

Vought F4U Corsair, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Douglas C47 Dakota, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, Consolidated PBY Catalina, Patrol boat, Liberty Ship, Jeep Willis, GMC Truck

High resolution textures

Ultra high resolution textures with night and day

Access ramp for floatplanes

such as the Consolidated Catalina and other floatplanes

Optimized for X-Plane 10

Uses X-Plane 10 features (high res, shadows, etc)- Doesn't work with X-Plane 9

April 11th, 2014, 05:41
This package is just awesome. But still not enough airfileds ...

April 12th, 2014, 07:11
There are more freeware airfields under development...patience:jump: I love this package too. Check out this blog http://blog.khamsin.org/post/2012/06/29/Munda-Point-airfield-for-X-Plane-Video