View Full Version : VC panel gauge display problem in FSDS

February 11th, 2014, 03:30
Hi Folks,
If anyone can help please. I'm sending myself mad here!!

Made an intereactive VC with gauges etc in FSDS 3.0. Using FSDS 2.24 to compile (for ease of later converting for CFS2) an mdl. When in FS9 having compiled it with a fairlysimple 4 x VC panel, all the gauges show correctly and work well (used hand editing and FS Panel Studio)...ok happy with that.

For compiling purely for Fs9 I use FSDS 3.51, which it does, but the resulting mdl ends up with one of the gauge sets from one of panels being displayed on ALL the other panels. Using the exactly same panel.cfg file...how does that happen????!!

I've checked and re-checked, re-compiled etc but no difference.

Can anyone shed any light on why there is a difference between the two mdls, and why the same panel.cfg doesn't show the same VC gauges?



February 14th, 2014, 00:16
Well then,
I'll leave some pearls of wisdom that I've discovered.

Abacus seemed to have really tweaked and tightened up FSDS from 2.24 to 3.51. FSDS 2.24 is quite lax in what it will accept and compile, whereas 3.51 needs to be correctly organised and labelled. In the case of panels with 2.24 it does not need textured planars/polys to display gauges, whereas 3.51 it does, also they have to be reversed, upside down and poly flipped??

Along with the textured planar/poly that texture also needs to be on the project texture list. And the one thing to do is to follow Bill Lyons aka Lionheart's tutorial/help me files in FSDS, to the letter.

So now displaying gauges compiled in FSDS 2.24 for CFS2 and FSDS 3.51 for Fs9....hooray!