View Full Version : CHProducts modification for Heli-Kit.

February 10th, 2014, 09:30
in the not so far future im intending to buy myself the "heli-kit" helicopter controller.it has a nice cyclic and collective,the latter has a twist throttle without spring,so it will stay where you want it ( power level)but there are no buttons or hat switches of anykind.i want to buy two CH Products joysticks,"flightstick Pro" for the collective,and the "fighterstick" for the cyclic.this is just because i prefer CH Products.

i intend to remove just the grip part of both sticks,and graft them on to the said parts of the heli-kit.
where i would need help is how to connect lengths of wire (or whatever is needed) to the computer,i thought it would be better to do each one separately for simplicity,the guy named Martin from heli-kit told me to tie it into their products system,and still use one USB cord.i wouldnt know how to do that either.

does anyone here have any experience with re-wiring this sort of thing?...or know how to do it..ect?

ive never seen the inside of a joystick..i dont even have a clue of what to think about doing..:dizzy:

buy the way..ive emailed with Martin from heli-kit and he suggests i do it,no problem modifying it on his end..even said to me he would like to know what the outcome is.and i spoke to John from CH Products,he said they will not support it in anyway,but he did confirm i would not be breaking any copyright laws or any laws in period.

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