July 18th, 2013, 08:41

This is a lovely simulation. I do not have FSX, but DCS has been likened to that sim in overall appearance. However, one major difference with FSX - the DCS environment is programmed for 64 bit working and on Windows 7 64 bit pro, is as smooth as butter. Very nice flt model for the free FROGFOOT, the A-10 I purchased, promises to be just as realistic.

This sim does not have a large geographical area of terrain, being geared for a military campaign area and not general aviation use. The area itself is a slice of the Black Sea coastal areas and is very well constructed.

Because of the complexity, or should I say completeness, of the A-10's systems I am going to have to purchase the Thrustmaster stick and throttles that duplicate the A-10's controls.

Have not been a great fan of modern warfare sims, but the completeness of this sim and its great flying experience has convinced me to (excuse the pun) 'go the whole hog'!

If you want a real thrill get this sim, go fly and then fight it out in an incredibly immersive number of missions, training scenarios and the rest.