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May 2nd, 2013, 12:57
:wavey:I'm Pauly. Just signed up in the past week or so and just been doing some stalking around to get a feel for this all again. I played CFS1 and CFS2 about 10-15 years ago when the games first came out and basically lived on the old MS servers doing re-spawn wars with my P-51. About 2004, I stopped playing and never really had an opportunity to get back into it whether for personal reasons or having a PC and internet conection worth the time and effort. I still have my old Wingman 3D joystick that would average about 20-30 kills per hour and I still have both discs in working order. I was sad to find out about the MS servers being closed down, and as an avid gamer on consoles for the last 10 years, had no idea about it until recently. I recently purchased a top shelf PC and started to get my games installed to uncover some of the dust, but I'm having crash issues with CFS1 that I may probably seek help from forum members because out of all of the flight sim games I've ever played, CFS1 is still my favorite. I'm hoping to get my software crashing issue resolved and get in on some IP games ASAP. Look forward to getting to know everyone and relaxing with a bottle of scotch and blowing people out of the sky. :ernae: