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December 4th, 2012, 14:54
Hi guys,

Chris here from Orange County, CA, about 10 min from KSNA. Quick bio, like many of you I started off flight simming with Sub Logic on an Apple IIe. My hobby eventually turned into a profession, and I've worked in the flight simulation industry from beta testing software up to building commercial flightsim facilities http://www.flightdeck1.com/ I'm retired now as I'm disabled, so Ive been spending lots of time lately with FSX, my home cockpits, and enjoying the GA side of the hobby. Lurked here a long time, but just signed up and hope to become more active and learn.


Chris S

December 22nd, 2012, 03:52
Welcome aboard Chris, nice to have a 'lurker' take the time to 'unlurk'.
If you have a 'home cockpit' just remotely as impressive as the Flightdeck 1 versions I (for one) will be green.
As for learning, I think you could teach most of us a few things!