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August 11th, 2012, 02:18
Here's a quick how-to; you know how it is, you're logged on to your PC as an administrator but still can't make changes to items within Fs9 (2004) folders?

You probably need to set the security permissions for your Fs9 folder and your C:/ programs folder as well, that's right folks, thanks to good old Microsoft, your user account settings aren't automatically applied to all folders/sub-folders on your PC, as I found out recently when trying to install latest FSUIPC module.

Step 1; You must be logged on to your PC as an Administrator with 'user account control'
Step 2; Right click on your fs9 folder, click 'Properties' to bring up a box that looks like this:


Click on the 'Security' tab; brings up a box like this :


Pretty self explanatory; in the top window are listed all the 'users' of your PC; while in the lower box are the priveleges that each user is allowed to action on the fs9 folder folder identified by the 'tick' (or check for transatlantic types!), for each user you need to set the actions that they can do; its' no good setting users 'everyone' to do everything first as these aren't automatically carried over.

Step 3 ; Start with the administrator piriveleges,by clicking 'EDIT' then ticking /checking all items you want that user to be able to action to the fs9 folder; then repeat for the other users / groups; once you have everything you want ticked / checked for all users , click the 'APPLY' box then be prepared to wait some time
as Windows writes the security settings for every single file within your Fs9 folder; mine took nearly 2 hours, but with a fs9 folder footprint of 108GB (662,581 files!) that's to be expected.

Step 4; The procedure for your 'Programs' folder is similar; however; you will find each user has 'special' priveleges ticked/checked and none other.. to change these 'special' privileges you MUST be logged on as administrator
and use the 'ADVANCED' button to enter the menu for each user; finish by clicking 'APPLY'.

If you want to retain some semblance of system security (good idea) then just make sure the settings for 'Administrator' are correct; this will mean of course that you will need to be logged on as administrator to make changes to items in Programs folder and ALL its' sub-folders. I would not recommend allowing all users /groups to be able to action everything unless you are fully at ease with your PC and its security software.


Ah.. I hear you say, why don't I just turn off 'User account control' ; well I'm no expert here; maybe some others are, but I've found that turning UAC off does not automatically allow you to do everything on your PC; it kind of suspends admin rights and protections, but not all of them; while UAC is off; but once you shut-down and restart PC the admin rights are re-applied from the main folder (Programs) to the sub-folder (Fs9) by inheritance.

Hope this helps