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June 28th, 2012, 06:22
Well I BIT the BULLET.. and Its Not HAWAII No More!...Scenery is nice...Alaska so vast would take a long time to explore....I am sure there are good things,as there are bad things...Time by users will revel all....What with ALASKA being a great ,natural water place, the "BEAVER" on Floats,Tundra,or Skis ,is truly missed!..However the MAULE is a an acceptable .plane ,but limited!.

I sought out the North Slope..Barrow,and other strips..While not inclusive of all,pleased to find these. Its Not ALASKA without the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport.

Strangely Believe it ,the "ZERO" is not out of place here...he Aleutian Islands Campaign was a struggle over the Aleutian Islands, part of the Alaska Territory, in the Pacific campaign of World War II starting on 3 June 1942. A small Japanese force occupied the islands of Attu and Kiska,....It was a brutal conflict,now all but forgotten!

Happy to see some static displays but sparse......OK ITS FUN! As a GAME ,or a SIM!,Pure FUN!...And like I say ,along with my FS9 FSX,and now FLIGHT,My DESK TOP SIMMING is growing.....I still think the BEST is yet to come!..I recommend it .Along with a bottle of YUKON JACK!! http://images.proboards.com/grin.gif MUSH!,GEE,HAW, EASY,WHOA!... http://images.proboards.com/grin.gif