View Full Version : Prepar3D on a Mac Pro?

June 8th, 2012, 06:10
Has anyone tried running Prepar3D on a Mac? Specifically a Mac Pro tower (though it would be good to hear about any Mac experiences. My major questions are:

- Does the Mac run it better (fps, blurries, etc) than FSX (w/Acceleration)? [FYI - I relisbly got 20-25 fps with most add-ons in FSX on my 2009 MP, but blurries and a few odd video artifacts would sometimes pop up -I have a 1GB ATI 5770]
- Also please, what type of Mac and specs are you running (processor type and size, RAM, GPU card, etc)
- Specifically, does Prepar3d make more use of multi cores and hyperthreading?

Goals: would Prepar3d work better on my existing Mac Pro than FSX did, or might it work better on a new Mac Pro?

Any info is welcomed!



June 8th, 2012, 08:53
Hey Kent,

Works fine on my iMac Dec. 2008 model.

You will need DX9 to run it, so running in OSX will not work, but in Bootcamp / Windows, its brilliant. For me, its more stable then FSX ever was.


June 8th, 2012, 09:03
A couple of things to remember.

FSX and P3D are both 32bit programs, they also do not have hyper threading access and so with all of that, can only use about 6 gigs of Ram max with a Win64 or 86 OS. Very rarely do people get super high FR's. But, for me, P3D has run super stable on my rig, where as even with everything turned off in FSX, it still ran choppy, stuttered, blinked and flashed all the time. P3 doesnt.

Some are having issues with P3, slow frames. It might be a graphics card issue and might be something to do with shader technology. The newest P3 Build, 1.3, uses a new Shader technology.

Its all about shading in the sims and games....