View Full Version : I got carried away...

April 15th, 2012, 00:11
I was going to do some touch and goes around Jacumba air strip.

Nope... not what happened....

I was having so much fun, I followed the freeway back into San Diego, decided to fly to the Coast line, decide then to fly North up the coast at 10,000 feet, and with that, decided it would be proper to land at Avalon Island (Santa Catalina). So I did, flying north up to Orange County, where, finding visibility to Catalina being quite favorable, jumped coast for the ocean route and headed over to Ave.

Was a good flight. Trimming, watching the gauges, scanning, trimming. Felt good in the old timer up at 10,000 feet. Mixture was out quite a bit for good power. At the last, I had RPM down to idle, (a slow step down to keep from thermal cooking the engine, 'flash cooling' the cylinders on their back sides), getting her to idle and work my descent to Ave Island. Touch down was smooth, air brake was only at 50%, nice flight.

Great sim! Thanks Lockheed!